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Index and Introduction
Mind Control
A Presentation  to Justice Pro Se
by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien
June 4, 1996
Livonia Civic Center Library, Livonia Michigan

transcribed from tape by Peter J. Celano


This transcription was originally posted as parts I through XVI, plus a "retroactive introduction" and an addendum, to the ignition-point mailing list, to alt.conspiracy and alt.mindcontrol.  This completed work contains numerous corrections of minor errors and unintelligable omissions in the original postings.

The transcription is of a tape I personally made during the presentation.

I do not endorse the information or allegations contained in this transcription.  It is presented so that the reader may come to his or her own conclusion regarding the value of the content.

The original introduction follows:

It occurs to me that not everybody in this forum, (or anyplace else this transcription might end up,) even knows who Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien are. Without some minimal background the transcriptions are nonsense. Let me try to remedy that with a brief introduction.

Here is a press release about their book, Trance Formation Of America:


On August 3rd, 1977 the 95th U.S. Congress opened hearings into the reported abuses concerning the CIA's TOP SECRET mind control research program code named MK Ultra. On February 8th, 1988, an MK Ultra victim, Cathy O'Brien, was covertly rescued from her mind control enslavement by Intelligence insider Mark Phillips. Their seven year pursuit of Justice was stopped FOR REASONS OF NATIONAL SECURITY. Learn the shocking details behind this coverup in their newly released book, TRANCE Formation of America.

In the presentation that I am transcribing and publishing, Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien summarize their stories and answer questions from the audience. After the entire transcription has been posted, I will add my personal observations made during and after this presentation, as well as provide the results of two attempts I made to verify their story. I am striving to provide this information as objectively as possible, so that the reader may come to his or her own conclusions.

Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien may be reached at the following address:

Mark Phillips/Cathy O'Brien
PO Box 158352
Nashville, TN 37215

The Transcription

Mark Phillips speaking:

This is quite a milestone for us, and Cathy O'Brien and myself would like to thank each and every one of you, particularly Dominic Vincintini, Rick Strawcutter and Justice Pro Se.

About eight years ago, I fantasized about bringing Cathy back to Michigan, and having her address people with eyes open, (unintelligible,) and ears to hear, of something that I have known about for many years, but did not really realize was operational.  I'm only going to take a little bit of your time tonight.  The real story that you need to hear is going to come from one of your own, Cathy O'Brien.

The background that I will provide  you will give you some understanding of what she is going to be relating, because we are talking about a psychological warfare weapon.  We are talking about something that has been kept from the public's eye for the most part, particularly in this country: MKUltra.  But more than that, we are not going to offer you any bad information without offering you a solution.  I don't believe in it.  We have a rule at our house, that Cathy and I both abide by, that we voice no negatives without a solution.  And I guess you all know what that stops.  It has helped us persevere, and it certainly gives us all, both Cathy and I, peace of mind in the house, because we certainly deal with enough negatives.

My name is Mark Phillips.  I was born May the seventeenth, 1943, in Nashville Tennessee.  I didn't particularly want to serve in the infantry of the United States Army, and be drafted during Vietnam, so I sought an opportunity to work for a Defense Department subcontractor.  I was very fortunate in that I had a job offer from the Ampex Corporation, out of Redwood City, California.  Ampex was the inventor of the, for the most part, most of the video equipment that you see these days, particularly studio grade, and was involved in a number of U.S. Defense Department contracts, manufacturing very sophisticated electronics, instrumentation, and other devices that use magnetic tape and other means of recording: the forerunners to what you are seeing now in personal computers.

In around 1967, when I was being interviewed by the Ampex Corporation, I discovered that the Defense Department was much more interested in the way I thought rather than my academic achievements.  Thank goodness, because there were (unintelligible) other people wanting that job: young men, as well as young women, that I believe were academically more entitled to it.

The job description was Sales Engineer, and there was going to be a fair amount of training, that would occur in Redwood City, California, in addition to some exposure to additional training which I wasn't going to be told what it was, it was quite simple, at various defense department locations.  This included, among others, the Yerkes Primate Centers, in Atlanta and Denver Colorado, which is a research center for primates.  Also the CDC, the Communicable Disease Center in Atlanta.  Both that and the Yerkes Primate Center happened to be both located on the Emery University Campus.

And, in addition to all this, I was working in and around penitentiaries, mental institutions, on state and county level, and federal and state penitentiaries.  And what we were doing, in essence, was filming, or videotaping, various accomplishments, experiments, as well as some ongoing projects, involving behavior modification, using drugs, hypnosis, along with some other Pavlovian type conditioning, repetitious conditioning.

I did not see, and this is very important, I did not see trauma based mind control played out.  What I saw was something that I envisioned, I didn't know at that time, by this time it was 1969, I knew that the United States government was about 25 to 30 years ahead, in terms of technology, than the U.S. population, or for that matter, the world.  So we were the technological leaders, and NASA was really going to be the end user of our product, and our product was intended to become apes that could communicate with computer boards, and other types of communications.  Some of these apes are quite intelligent, but at best they've got the mind of a very temperamental six year old child, and are not, as far as I am concerned, suitable for manning a spacecraft worth billions and billions of taxpayer dollars.  But, nevertheless, the United States was very concerned that we may in fact have a problem with the Saturn V liquid fuel rockets, that the Soviets had already experienced some massive problems.  And, quite frankly, they did not want to take the space program and dismantle it because they didn't have a backup to cover our astronauts.

To take this a little bit further, after my initial exposure to finding out that the United States Government was more interested in testing me to see if I could keep a secret, in essence, I went through three months of exhaustive testing.  And, in retrospect, it kind of frightened me, because they knew more about me than I knew about myself.

You know most psychologists and psychiatrists get into the business to learn about what's wrong with themselves, not what's right.  Well, I didn't want to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist, although I had an intense interest in mind/brain research, because of something that dealt with my mother.  She had a tragic accident aboard the same horse that I was on when I was about six years of age, and the horse stepped into her head and she lost the ability to logically reason.  So, I was absolutely intent on finding some way to help her throughout my life.  But the Ampex Corporation, I thought, and the Defense Department was going to be one of those avenues, and when I was seeing all these wonderful things happening in the penitentiaries and at the mental institutions with what mostly we would consider hopeless cases, it turned out that, I believed, that since this technology was so far advanced, that I would eventually see our prisons and our mental institutions, for the most part, be only temporary residences and not permanent homes for these unfortunate people.

Well, I was naive.  Before this evening is out, you are going to find out you are looking at the luckiest, most naive human being that you have ever met.  Cathy O'Brien often says she is the luckiest person alive.  I don't happen to agree with her there because I happen to know what I could have wound up becoming, and that's something akin to what she was exposed to.  Anybody in the position these days to what I was exposed to in the late  60s and early  70s, in terms of MKUltra and mind control research, would have ended up a victim themselves.

The experiences that I was able to enjoy I had to keep secret.  My whole family knew nothing about my other job.  They knew nothing other than the fact that they could call my office, and my office would cover for me.  And usually I was someplace else, either outside this country exchanging information, with the State Department's blessings, with the Soviet Union.  I was not aware that there was a Cold War going on.  I was aware there was a technological war going on, and I was also aware that the Soviets were quite friendly with us.  And I didn't really relate to politics, I never voted in my life until 1992, when I rode off and got stupid and voted for Perot. Well, look at the choices!

The point was, I just walked around, and I did my job, and I never saw any violence until really mid 1973, and then I began getting hints that these electroshock treatments were not always low voltage.  And I also was getting hints that there was going to be some trauma that I would be witnessing in the near future.

So Ampex was enjoying, or enduring, I should say, some serious political problems, because they were a California based corporation.  Ronald Reagan was governor, and he was going to implement mind control in the California State Prisons, and also at the state owned and run mental institutions, and the people rose up against him.  They almost cost him the governorship, and ultimately, of course, we all know he ultimately became President for two terms.

So, Ampex, I thought, was a dead horse.  And I had befriended a bunch of scientists and a bunch of spooks from the intelligence community and from NASA, and they formed a company called Laser Systems and Electronics in (unintelligible) Tennessee, and, fortunately enough, they asked me to become their Director of Sales and Marketing.  They did this because I had a clearance, and because they were working research and development with a number of other companies like General Medical and (unintelligible), on implants and telemetry products.  That's a way to monitor people's heartbeat and other systems.  Now its very commonplace in your hospitals, but in 1971,  72,  73 and  74 it wasn't common: it was just kind being introduced.

Well, Laser Systems and Electronics exposed me to more, let's say, medical stuff, that I didn't particularly want to see.  I didn't want to become a doctor, and I just really don't like to see surgeries and that sort of thing, and I decided that I wanted to find a job that was a glamour business.  So, one day, I talked to this friend of mine, who, (pardon the pun,) shadowed me a great deal, and I explained to him that I wanted something else besides this kind of (unintelligible.)  So he suggested that I go to work for something much more glamorous, like an airline.

And I said, "Well, that's what I was thinking about - an airline".

And he said, "Well, I happen to know where there is a job opening."  He said, "I have stock in this company, and I really believe that you ought to investigate it."  And he scribbled out on a napkin exactly the name of the fellow that I was supposed to see, the president of the company.  And then he wrote down the senior vice-president of the company.

And I said, "What's the name of the airline?"

And he said, "CIA."

 And I said, "Well, wait a minute.  What's that?"

And he said, "Oh, its Capital International Airways."

Well, I said, "Oh, wow!  What a nice name.  They named it after Nashville, because the president was from Nashville, Tennessee. (Unintelligible.)"

He said, "No, actually not.  It actually started in Virginia, somewhere around Alexandria, back in the fifties."

Listen.  You think I just fell off the truck?  You haven't heard the rest of this thing.  It gets worse.

After one interview, I found out that they did not have a job opening.  But they suddenly created one, and that was in the advertising department.  So they hired me as the advertising manager.  Well, they didn't have any advertising: it was all handled by agencies.  So I sat there, just looking at my desk.

And one day, I decided after about a week of this, I was going to see what was going on, and went in to see the boss.

And he said, "Well, we're fixing you an office up right now."

I said, "Well, what am I going to be doing?"

He said, "You're going to be the director of sales."

I said, "Well, that's wonderful."

So, after a week or so passed by, sure enough, I got the most luxurious office you ever seen in your life.  And, matter of fact, the boss gave me his Louis the whatever - fourth, fifth - whatever it was desk, and this place was like a palace.  I was absolutely in heaven, because the next job, they told me was, "You're going to be hiring our flight attendants."

I thought, "Well, for once I got lucky."

After a short period of time, I learned very quickly that this was not a glamour position, and I wasn't hiring flight attendants much longer.  They had a guy they were actually bringing into that job who was married and was reasonably content with his relationship, (unintelligible.)

After a relatively short time, I also learned that the airline business was absolutely the hardest business as far as work goes.  They have no respect for hours.  Airplanes fly 365 days a year, and problems.  Every one of them has got at least 250 problems on board, and there was about six hundred million dollars worth of revenue coming in a year, that I knew about.

Until one day the U.S. Marshals came in and literally swarmed the place.  And they were going down, office to office, padlocking offices, and executives and secretaries and everybody else coming out, they would grab their purses and their wallets and whatever else they could get their hands on quickly.  And I was sitting at my desk when I was introduced to one of these marshals, and he explained to me, he said, "We're looking for Mark Phillips."

And I said, "He's next door."
I said, "Who are you?"

He said, "I'm a U.S. Marshall."

I said, "He's absolutely next door."

So I was going to just scoot on out by the water fountain and find out what in the world the guy wanted.  Well, he wasn't going to sit still for that.  He knew who I was.  So I tried to be a tough guy.

He told me, he said, "We're going to put you into guarding the integrity of the files."

I says, "What is going on?"

He said, "Do you know anything about Paperclip?"

I said, "I got a desk drawer full of them.  What kind of a problem is that?"

He said, "If you don't know, then its no problem."

Well, what he was talking about is going to lead right into what you are going to hear about tonight.  Well the long story made short, the president of the airline was so stressed out by this that he crawled into a bottle and stayed there and literally died from it.  He was an elderly man anyway.  He brought in a fellow from Air America named George Clamatson(?), a Russian-American, who had been one of the founders of Air America, as well as a number of other CIA operations.

George came in, more or less put the airline together for sale.  And George said to me, he said, "Let's go to Alaska."

Well, I thought, "Well, my goodness."  I couldn't find another job, I couldn't seem to be able to get away from that place, and it was crumbling under my feet.  And I was terrified that the U.S. Marshals were going to come back, because nobody would tell me what that was all about.
So, I went on to Alaska with George Clamatson(?).  We founded an airline up there called Great Northern Airlines, we flew over another company's routes, and then that airline was sold to Southern Air Transport.

Now, I've been listening out there to see if you folks knew what I'm talking about.  So far, I have named nothing but CIA operations.  I was unaware that I was effectively working for the CIA.  I thought everybody worked for the CIA.  I thought that every major corporation in America had some interface with the CIA whether they knew it or not, so I didn't pay any attention to it.

After a bout with George Clamatson(?), that airline being sold, and I had a one year contract, I decided the only way I was going to get away from the CIA, because I did know by the time I got to Alaska what I was doing, I decided that I would absolutely go into business for myself.

Well, I knew antiques was safe, and I had an antique business.  I had a number of customers, and enjoyed myself, and literally wouldn't take a partner, wouldn't take anybody on board, and just operated independently.  I was very happy doing this work.  But on the flip side of it, it wasn't exactly a mental challenge.  I had been use to high finance and working on huge marketing plans and sales plans for multi conglomerate corporations.  So I wasn't happy.

Well, about that same period of time, we're now at about 1985, I was approached by a young friend of mine, same age as me.  And he said, "Mark," he said, "I've got a fella that is in the country music business."

And I said, "Well, I don't like country music."

He said, "Well, that doesn't make any difference.  He doesn't sing and he doesn't pick.  He's a ventriloquist, he's a stage hypnotist, and (unintelligible)."

I said, "Who is he?"

He said, "Alex Houston."

I said, "Well, I never heard of him."

He said, "That's because you don't like country music."

I had interviews with Alex Houston.  You remember I had by this time about 20 years of mind/brain research under my belt.  I was a master of Neuro Linguistics, which is the language of the unconscious.  I was familiar with what they call PSI, which is watching the micro muscles around somebody's eyes to see when they are lying, if they can (unintelligible), or when they are deliberately trying to deceive me, by telling me mixed truths.  I am also a graphologist: that's the study of handwriting analysis.  All these things were tools that I used in my trade of marketing, and also of (unintelligible), I did a lot of that (unintelligible.)  If they had a choice for most people they were given the chance of either going to a shrink or submitting a handwriting sample to me and talking to me.  Most people thought that was a (unintelligible.)  So they submitted a handwriting sample and dropped in and over the years (unintelligible) found I had a great record for who was shooting straight and who wasn't.  (Unintelligible.)

Nevertheless, Alex Houston would approach me with a viable idea put together, a joint venture, a Pacific Rim operation, primarily with the People's Republic of China.  And this venture would in essence be a company manufacturing great big huge capacitor banks for the mining industry in China.  See, China had just more or less opened their so-called Iron Door to free trade, and they didn't want to imbalance the payment like we did with the Japanese, so they preferred to be able to export rather than to import.  So they had an energy shortage, and this energy shortage was causing them to shut down their mining industries every other day, which, if you know anything about mining, is almost like shutting down a steel mill.  It is so counter productive it is almost not worth doing.

So, I worked with a fellow out of Hong Cong by the name of William Yoon, and by the way, when you do business in China, you have a Hong Cong representative.  Well, William Yoon was an arms dealer that Alex Houston had referred to me and others, a friend of mine in the state department had also given me his name and told me he was very honest, which I found him to be, in spite of the fact that he was an arms dealer, and dealing Silkworm missiles to anybody with a pocketful of money and a user certificate.

But nevertheless, he only (unintelligible), and I had a good marketing plan and a sales plan.  And we took it to Beijing, and we met with the Defense Department Ministry and the Mining Ministry, both, um, all the other metallurgy groups, and I sold the thing, a 31 million dollar package startup.  The production, at the current rate of production that they were capable of putting together for us, I would have netted somewhere, for my company, UniPhayze Corporation - I was the president, I was smart enough to do that - about five million dollars the first year.  My payoff, up front, was one million dollars US, given in the form of a line of credit, which Alex Houston suggested we put in his New York Bank, which was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

Well, BCCI, as most people refer to it as, was unknown to me.  But my Korean counterpart, William Yoon, he did not like Alex Houston, he told me, he said, "Um, you could do a lot better with your choice of banks."

I said, "Well, that million dollars isn't going to stay in there very long anyway.  I am going to move my portion out of it."

He said, "Where you going to move it?"

I said, "I don't know.  Off shore.  Somewhere.  I know if it sits there, something always happens to it.  It has all my life, and I got a funny feeling it is going to happen again."

Well, at least my intuition wasn't too bad.  My choice of people was though.  But I looked at Alex Houston's handwriting, I talked to him, he couldn't tell the truth, and he had some of the most peculiar habits of anybody I ever run across, for being a pathological liar.  But I could not put my finger on it.  I just wanted to stay away from him.

So I spent most of my time in the air, traveling back and forth, and working the other countries, the Phillippines and Taiwan and was bouncing all over the place on the Pacific Rim, setting up contracts, which, in essence, see, I could deal with Taiwan because I was having the goods relabeled. It was quite legal: relabeled as being made in Hong Kong.  And even though they wouldn't buy from the People's Republic of China, they would buy Chinese made goods in Hong Kong.  We were not using slave labor in China.  As a matter of fact, they were paying a good wage, so I was surprised by this slave labor thing.  But apparently, the Chinese have gone the same route they have always gone, and when production got so high, they started drawing form every labor source that they could find.

But, after signing the contract, I was presented at this banquet that they threw in my honor, I was presented with a rather peculiar request to talk with this gentleman who was standing there, looking quite nervous over in the corner.  And as he started approaching me, all of those politicos and my partner, everybody else just kind of parted, like Moses did to the Red Sea, and I was standing there, left alone.  I thought, "Well, here it comes.  Nobody gets this much money this quick without big problems."  And I was absolutely right.

This fellow came over, and he began to open up a little case that he had, and the first thing there was absolutely terrified me.  He opens up a little folder that begins to show me that, truly, national security in this country was gone, because he had pictures of myself that the military and the defense department had taken.  He had pictures, and he had records showing where I had been assigned to various jobs.  Some of those documents were eyes only, some of them secret, most of them top secret, they had the original initials, could have been color photographs, but they were original initials on the sides, stamps, and some cases where I had initialed them and turned them back over to my superior.

So, I had now a national security problem on my hands, because I realized that I had to go back to my country and explain to my government that national security had been breached, and that my past had been revealed.  I had two files, and they were sealed well into the next century.  Why, I don't know, other than the fact that secret knowledge equals power, and that's how they control each and every one of us is with secret knowledge and technical knowledge, and that is more about what you're going to hear tonight.

But that was not the interest of this Chinese intelligence officer.  He was not interested in the fact that I had done time with the CIA, he was not interested in the fact that I had worked for other intelligence agencies, directly and indirectly, or for that matter the Defense Department.  His concern was solely Alex Houston, and he told me so.  He said, "This was just to get your attention."

And I said, "Well, you certainly managed to do that."

So he proceeded to show me Alex Houston's file.  As he thumbed through slowly, and watching my eyes and my reactions, he began to tell me that Alex Houston was a very bad fellow, in essence.  How many of you folks in here have know a really bad guy?  Let me see a show of hands.  Ok.  Well, I had too, but nothing like what I was going to hear.

He began to tell me that Mr. Houston was involved in child and adult pornography, which, by the way, pornography, in China, is an instant death sentence if you get caught with it.  He was involved in drug running, money laundering, the CIA.  And I said, "Wait a minute.  What?  It's coming back to haunt me."

He said, "The CIA.  Mr. Houston works for the CIA."

And I said, "Huh."

He said, "He's an intelligence officer."

And I said, "Mr. Houston has not got enough sense to wipe his nose."

He said, "He does work for the CIA."  And he continued to show me, very stoically, page by page, some of Mr. Houston's history, and telling me that Houston was also involved in white slavery.  But the key to all this was, he said, "Alex Houston does this, in essence, of the White House."

I said, "What do you mean,  of the White House?'"

He said, "It's of the White House."

I said, "You mean the White House approves this, sanctions this?"

He said, "Yes.  It's always the White House."

Houston lived in a little town in Tennessee, right next, the county seat sat in a little place called White House.  I said, "Wait a minute.  He lives there."

He said, "No, he lives in Tennessee."

I said, "That's what I'm saying."

This is of the White House."

I said, "What White House?"

He said, "The White House.  Your government"

I said, "Oh my God."

So, I said, "You mean to tell me that Mr. Houston is involved in some CIA black operation involving prostitution, child and adult pornography, and all this stuff, and it is sanctioned by the White House?"

He said, "That's right."  He said, "And you've got to get rid of him."

I said, "I'm not gonna get rid of him like that."

He said, "No no."  He said, "You get rid of him any way you want to."

I said, "Well, um..."

And just as he said that, he opened up the page where there is Alex Houston engaged in sex with a small black boy, who was absolutely terrified.  And I saw the stuff on the side, handwritten, the word, "Haiti."

I thought, "Oh my God."  And I said, "Alright, look.  I'm not going to give back all my money that you just gave me to buy Mr. Houston out, and now that this company is now suddenly worth 32 million dollars, its going to cost me a whole lot more money.  So why don't I go back, and you just hold this contract, and give me that million dollars, and let's get some more money together, and we'll buy Mr. Houston out."

That's exactly what we did.  I brought a delegation of Chinese and Mr. Yoon back to the United States, and we got a Chinese lawyer in Nashville and did the whole deal, and I got rid of Houston.

And in the meantime, I went to see a friend of mine from the U.S. Intelligence, and he was a General, he was.  And I explained to him what I had heard and what was going on, and I said, "This looks and smells and tastes exactly like mind control."

He said, "That's exactly what it is."  He said, "The country is just saturated with it.  That's one of the reasons I got out of the business."

And I said, "Wait.  It's not in the private sector."

And he said, "No, they have been put in the private sector."  He said, "Mark, there are some things going on that you didn't even know about when you were working.  Now, its unbelievable.  You know there's no mob any more."

I said, "Well, I've heard that."

He said, "No, there isn't.  Things are not the same any more."

I said, "Well, all I want to do is find out about this woman that Alex Houston handles, and this little bitty girl, because they are being used, under mind control, and their being prostituted."  And I gave him as much information as I could, and I contacted him again for the very last time, I never seen him again because he passed away.

And he told me, he said, "Mark, this is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life.  Just forget about it.  You didn't cause this.  You didn't have anything to do with it.  Mark, you just walk away from it.  Go on back to China.  You don't have to worry about me or anybody else."

I said, "No, I'm going to give a little something back.  I'm independently wealthy right now.  I've got several months before I absolutely have to be back in China, and I don't need the money to get out and beat the bushes around here.  So I'm going to see if I can find this woman and this little girl some help, and then I'm going to go back."

He said, "Why don't you take them with you?  You're not going to find any help in this country."

I said, "Why?"

He said, "Because all that information you saw in the sixties and seventies has been detained, for reasons of national security."

I said, "You mean memory work, and behavior modification work?"

He said, "Yes."

Well, I decided right then and there I needed to do something, and I made a decision that any one of you would have made, had been armed with the information that I had.  Any one of you, and you would have probably done as good a job or better than I did, that I decided that I was going to do something to help.

So I embarked upon a course of getting in touch with a whole lot of other spooks that I did trust and I didn't trust and I didn't know what to do, until finally I got hold of one that told me exactly how to do it.

He said, "While were in China, there was some information leaking back to the CIA that is eventually going to leak out to Houston that may become compromised, and the whole deal is going to go down the tubes.  So they know about your money, they know what you're doing, and you better move fast".

Well, Alex Houston happened to be gone on his annual vacation that he took to a place called Boy's Town, in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Now, Mr. Houston (unintelligible) was bisexual, but he much preferred boys.  So he goes up there on vacation, like a lot of others do, I later found out from another case.  I guess you folks have heard about the Senator John DeCamp's case called Franklin Coverup.  Anyway, there was a (unintelligible) case in Nebraska, involving some of these very same players.  George Bush was named as a pedophile, and had been there, and Alex Houston was named in this suit, and the whole thing was stopped because it was just destroyed from the inside.  They didn't even get to the national security issue part.

So I learned the formula for springing Ms. O'Brien and her daughter out of their system.  There's one thing that is absolute, and that is trauma based mind control.  No one escapes from it.  There is only two ways out.  One is if a person receives a serious head trauma and somebody else listens to their ranting while they are in the hospital.  They are the ones that sometimes escape.

There's just no escape from trauma based mind control because these people have no free will and cannot think to get out.  It just doesn't cross their mind.  Period.  The bottom line is they either get thrown from the proverbial Freedom Train, or thrown from slavery when they are no longer useful.  Or they receive the proverbial bump on the head, or, in cases of pure, stark insanity, people like me come along and pull them out.

Well, I pulled Cathy O'Brien and her daughter out, took them to Alaska, left my money in New York, and I left my money in Tennessee, part of it.  Part of it I did take, and sold my house and liquidated everything I had and went to Las Vegas and tried to get help there, and finally wound up going to Alaska and put Cathy back together.

Now, here's what I put Cathy back together from.  In the 1930's, Adolph Hitler assigned his right hand man, Heinrich Himmler, the task of researching Northern European multi generational incest abused families.  These are families that mistreat each other literally from birth.  The father and mother usually wind up psychologically and physically and always sexually abusing their own children in generation to generation to generation.

Well, something happens when a child is horribly tortured and horribly abused before age five.  It develops Dissociative Identity Disorder, usually called MPD.  That's the worst name on earth.  It is not multiple personality disorder.  Even though these people have multiple personas, they are not all developed.  They don't have one complete persona.  It's like fragmented.  They are tortured literally out of their minds, and even though the symptoms are very, very subtle, and these people appear extremely normal in most cases, they have enormous difficulties in life once they get over the age of 30.

But prior to that age, they function, some of them, very well in society, and some of them extraordinarily well, because they can develop abilities that almost appear super human, like 44 times visual acuity.  Now guess where those kind of people wind up?  As mercenaries.

You see, Hitler wanted to build a perfect soldier.  He wanted to build a perfect espionage agent, somebody that literally could not be tortured into remembering something.  Because unless you know the exact code, key and trigger, you're not going to get into that fellow's head or that woman's head to find out what secrets they were carrying.  They'll (unintelligible) the secrets first.  There are methods, obviously, but for the most part, in the 30's and 40's, they didn't know what they were.

Hitler was also extremely interested in what was actually taking place in the mind and the compartments that were being formed.  When we were doing research, back in the 60's and 70's, I was aware of this research that Hitler had done.  And I was aware that John March, who wrote "The Manchurian Candidate," and Frank Sanatra and some other stars appeared in it back in the 50's, the movie was not entirely, even though it was fictional, it was not really fiction.  It was a fictional account of something that was operational.  Mind control.  Trauma based mind control.

Now, if you want to know if this is new, it's not, because trauma based mind control, the formula for it, is in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  I mean, that's how long its been around.  And all of us in here, for the most part, have never even heard of it.  Because it is maintained as almost a secret.

Now, how in the world you keep a secret that is written on the side of cave walls and ancient pyramids is beyond my wildest expectation.  I just can't imagine it.  I can't fathom it.  But you see, the news medias in this country try after, ah, I shouldn't even say Nazi Germany fell.  It was moved over here.

You know that paper clip I told you about?  "Project Paper clip, Secret Agenda," was a book by Linda Hunt.  This book describes in detail how Capital Internation Airlines, for a period of 40 years, running in conjunction with a couple of other carriers, imported Nazi and Fascist scientists from all over the world, secretly and covertly planted them in all of our universities, our Defense Department, subcontractors and NASA.  They were supposedly divided between psychiatrists and rocket scientists.  Propulsionists.  Bomb makers.  And we had tried to stop Project Paperclip in 1951, well actually in 1949 and again in 51.  It was unsuccessful.  Well, the way it was told to me it had been stopped just like MK Ultra had been stopped.  And three presidents have said, "We're never going to do this anymore.  We're never going to do this anymore."  It doesn't stop.  The Army had it, the Army gives it to the CIA, the CIA gives it to so-and-so, and they are just playing "Hot Potato" with this thing.  The fact is each time it gets tossed, more money sticks to it and it gets bigger.

Hitler found out that he wanted to be a One World Order ruler, and he couldn't do all the work.  He couldn't possibly run the world, because communications, technologically speaking, hadn't reached the proportions that they had today.  One person could rule the world today, as frightening as that sounds, very efficiently.  And I think that the One World Order ruler is is what we are all going to have shoved down our throats very soon, unless we continue meeting like this, and opening other peoples' eyes, and keep raising cain.  Each of us has got a job.  Every person in here is a hero, and think of yourselves that way, because you've got a job to do.  And that's just running your mouth!  Just talk!  And share the information you get out of here, share our book, share what other information, whatever topic that you can deal with.  Cathy and I are giving you a tool of the New World Order, which is a very vibrant, important one, because Adolf Hitler, all he wanted to do was to take what he considered a few "chosen ones," victims of hideous child abuse, whose brains had been scarred literally before they had reached their full maturity, before age 5.  And he wanted to take these people and literally program them to run the various governments around the world.  And as their puppetmaster, there, invisibly, he would be in control of the world.

Now, he could have pulled it off.  He called them "chosen ones," so did George Bush.  Did you know that Nero was the one that actually formed the New World Order idea, and Nero was looking into mind control as well?  It's been around a long time.  And here I am, in 1996, talking about a (unintelligible) that is ancient history, and I feel like a fool.  Because there are some other technologies that you also need to know about, that are highly technical, that at the end of Cathy's presentation, I want each and every one of you that wants to, to write questions out and give them to us.  We don't answer verbalized questions.  We will take your question and we'll answer it as best way we can, as long as it pertains to the material we are talking about.  But technologically speaking, I'm hoping people will ask us about things like the Montoc(?) Project and the Philadelphia Experiment, because I happen to have some inside information on both of them, because I knew some of the analysts that were writing, that set up a few years ago, that wrote the dialogue that was spread out through the various mediums, like (unintelligible) and some of the other outfits as disinformation, to confuse people and to get them fighting among themselves.

Our government is engaged in psychological warfare against each and every one of us.  I would imagine that every one of you would know that I can't walk out on the street corner and buy a Cuban cigar, but I could sure buy a gram of cocaine.  Now, I wonder why that is?  Cocaine is a real problem, it's real illegal.  I wonder why.

I've got a bumper sticker on my car that says, "Dare to keep the CIA off drugs."  I pulled into a gas station, not long ago, in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere, and this gas station attendant says, "Mister, I'll give you five dollars for that sticker."

I said, "You give me your name and address and I'll see if I can find out where it came from and I'll mail you one."

He said, "Well, I want to tell you, I know its true."

I said, "How would you know its true?"

He said, "Mister, anybody who deals in more than 50 grams a week knows that their boss is the CIA, and if you don't play games with the right people, you're going to get caught.  And the price goes up and up and up and up, until finally you don't make any money, you just delivering drugs for them.  But if you stop delivering drugs, you gonna be either dead or locked up.  They've eliminated all their competition."

I said, "You know all this?"

He said, "That's why I want a bumper sticker."

I said, "No, I'm not going to send you one."

I'm (unintelligible) of all these criminals.  I have a hard time with criminals with a change of heart.  I just really have a hard time with them.  Born again criminals just bug the you-know-what out of me, so forgive me for not being as forgiving as I should be.  But people who say, "Well, I've attended only two satanic rituals, and I only partook in cannibalism once."  Well, that's fine.  I want to test you and see if you are a victim, cause if your not, I would just as soon you step out in front of a car.  I am not your maker, and frankly, I'm working real hard on following in Christ's steps, but I'm not there yet.

So, tonight, you're going to hear, after you take a break, I'm hoping those of you who are interested in knowing about MK Ultra and trauma based mind control and project Monarch will buy a book from us.  It's a love story.  Oh God.  See, I said that with a straight face.  It is a love story.  It is a love story for my country, for humanity, for Cathy, for our daughter, who is still, by the way, a political prisoner of the state of Tennessee.  And by the way, the book is in its second printing.

And I have some good news, not all good.  The judge is relaxing some of those orders.  I am allowed to see Kelly, she is allowed to see us.  We can begin being a family again on a very limited basis.  Kelly has been warehoused for all these years.  Can you imagine growing up, first of all, in a literally a satanic trauma base, and then moving into that, from that into a mental institution?  She's now sixteen, and she was a little bitty girl when she went in.  It's horrible.

And I'm going to tell you something.  When I told the feds, a few years ago, that as soon as I got through educating mental health and law enforcement, I was going to move out to the streets with this message.  Well, Cathy and I have survived long enough to do this, thanks to really three factors.  One, I'm naive.  No, I wouldn't believe that one.  First of all, God's support and help for us.  I am a very spiritual person, and now that Cathy has got free will, she is too.  And the second reason is we've had some extraordinary support from what you all call the "bad guys".  They are not.  All of our government is not rotten, it just smells that way.  They've got some good people in all of those alphabet groups, NSA, CIA, DIA, I could go on and on and on, but there's plenty of them out there who are destroying this beast from the inside.  Yes, it's happening!

They can't do it alone.  They depend on these kind of meetings, and Cathy and I have been going to one after another after another after another.  There are thousands and thousands of these things occurring as we speak, right now, are the ones that are going to be the most successful, because you don't ever want to get a central organization.  This is as big as you want to get.  You don't want to get any bigger than this, because you'll get infiltrated.  How many bad guys in here?  Would you please raise your hand?  Ok, just one.  See me after the meeting.  I have got something I want to show you.  Just kidding.  That guy ain't no bad guy.  Bad guys don't sit up that close.  They are always back there.

I want to close this part of the show off and tell you how dearly dearly much we appreciate you all, and again, Justice Pro Se, and Rich Strawcutter, who I found to be as delightful in person as I did over the phone.  I'm anxious for him to get his radio show up and going because I want to do a show with him.  I don't know how people, the word gets out.  There is a kind of a grapevine, and Cathy and I are tapped into it.  I'm hearing all the horror stories too.  But folks, we are causing all the bad guys to scramble, and they are scrambling hard.  Now there's a lot of folks out there who want to talk about revolution, and that's a change in government.  We don't need a change in government, we just need to change some of these people that are in there, and put some clean folks in.  That's all.  And we are real close to doing it.

Now, whether you want to say, "Well, Fifth Column is real, the Fifth column isn't real," I got a thing that somebody handed me that's dated 1940 that talks about the Fifth Column, and FDR is just beating them over the head, calling them a bunch of Commies.  But the point is we've got people on the inside that are tearing these boys all to pieces, and they are doing it right through where it hurts, (unintelligible) a lot.  They are getting them, and they are getting them good, and although I didn't understand how they could be effective and not be the leaders, I quickly learned a lesson when I thought about it.  A leader is only as strong as his followers, and when the followers lead, the leaders follow.

So now, you guys are getting in the lead, by meeting like this, and learning and taking this information with you.  I would hope that for those of you who like to research, and are the ones that would say, "Whew!  Man, I just can't believe anybody would be that bad."  Well, I felt the same way.  I hope you will look in the index of the book, I hope you will go a little bit further and prove us wrong in one case, just one, and I bet you only find a typo.

I had somebody come up to me the other day, and they said, "Well, I found an error in the book."

I said, "Well, what is it."

He said, "Well, it just bothered me."

I said, "What is it?"

He said, "We were in Alaska a week ago, and this woman said you didn't land in Anchorage, you landed in Haines."

I said, "I didn't put that in there"

They said, "You wrote the book!"

I said, "No, my editor changed that, because nobody knows where Haines was."

So, those kind of errors I have to live with, and I don't mind you beating me over the head with them.  But all the other stuff, unfortunately, is very true.  We just had a United States general, General Russell Boeing(?), who is now living in Peru, bless his heart, I wish I was there, and General Boeing(?) left us his files, almost seven hundred pounds of them, involving MK Ultra, involving Operation Watchtower, which is the initial setup of the drug operation out of Central and South America.  And it has just been one of these guys right after another that are burying us in documentation.  We've got at least fifty United States (unintelligible), that are ready to step before Congress to testify in this case.  But we have been stopped, for reasons of national security.  And I want you to understand, after what you've heard, what in the world does it have to do with national security, that is the rape and molestation of women and children?  I want you to think about that, because I don't understand it.  And if you all could please help me with that one, then I will be OK again.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and in a few moments, after a break, Cathy O'Brien will be speaking.

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