Speech by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien

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Cathy O'Brien's Presentation
Mind Control
A Presentation  to Justice Pro Se
by Mark Phillips and Cathy O'Brien
June 4, 1996
Livonia Civic Center Library, Livonia Michigan

Cathy O'Brien speaking:

I'd like to thank Justice Pro Se for having Mark and I come in and speak to all of you, and I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming out here this evening, to arm yourselves with information on a tool that is being used to usher in what Adolph Hitler and George Bush term "New World Order," and that is mind control.  You have a right to know and a need to know these secrets that the perpe-traitors* in control of our country have been controlling all of us by for far too long.  Knowledge is our only defense against mind control.

*(Transcriber's note: Cathy distinctly says, "Perpe-Traitors".  It is also a term that is used repeatedly in their book.)

I know I am extremely fortunate to have survived my CIA MKUltra mind control victimization.  I know I am extremely fortunate to have survived to this point, to be able to relay this information to all of you.  Many government secrets and personal reputations were staked on the belief that I could not be deprogrammed to remember those things that I was supposed to forget.  They were wrong.  They never considered the strength of the human spirit.  They never considered what would happen when a good man like Mark Phillips found out their secrets and used them for good: used them for the betterment of humanity, used them to restore a mind and a memory, rather than to destroy one and control one.

Now that I am in control of my own mind, and ultimately my free will, I'm telling all that I've witnessed and experienced behind the scenes as a White House/Pentagon level mind controlled slave.  I know that my victimization was extreme, and I certainly am not interested or intending to traumatize you with the information of my victimization.  Instead, I want to provide you a comprehensive understanding of the components of mind control, and what the plan is for controlling all of us in this world dominance New World Order effort.  Many government secrets and personal reputations are now being revealed.  Much is coming to light in society today, because people all across this country are beginning to ask questions as to why has our country been eroding morally and constitutionally.  Tonight, this information is intended only to provide you with detailed answers, so that you can be far more effective in this ongoing effort to take back our country.

These perpe-traitors in control of our country have operated on the belief that secret knowledge equals power.  The more we tell their secrets, the more their power erodes, and the better our chances are for effectively taking back our country.  These people that have been in control of our country for far too long are extremely intelligent, yet they don't think deep.  They are limited in their thinking by their own immorality.  That's where we all have the edge on them.  They never counted on good people all across this country to spread information in any means available, and it certainly isn't through our controlled medias.  Information has to be spread word-of-mouth, through meetings such as these, as this one is tonight, that are occurring all across this country, through shortwave radio, through various radio stations and public television.  There are ways for each of us to get the information out.  There are ways to spread the secrets that they would not want you to know.

As you hear this information tonight, please bear in mind that we are all enduring a mind war.  They refer to it as "psychological warfare."  Mind control is a psychological warfare weapon.  Because it is psychological, we must deal with it in a logical manner, and that's exactly what they aren't counting on.  What they want all of us to do is to hear this kind of information, become hysterical, become emotional, and listen to all the "hate crimes" that are being built up in our controlled medias, and start shooting at each other.  They would like nothing more than for everyone to be confused as to who the problem is, and for all of us to end up shooting at each other, instead of logically taking this information, seeing how it effects us, seeing how it has affected us from various aspects of society, and take careful action in an ongoing effort to take back our country.

When the people lead, the leaders follow.

I'd like to begin by giving you a very comprehensive understanding of mind control through my own victimization.  Although my victimization is extreme, it certainly is no more horrific than what is happening in society today, from the erosion of our constitutional values, to the drug wars being brought to our streets, to all the horrors that we are enduring through such things as Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City bombing.  Instead, by giving you this information on mind control, I hope that each and every one of you will have a much better understanding of exactly what is going on in our country.

I was born in 1957, in Muskegon, Michigan, to a multi-generational, incest based family.  My father had been sexually abused as a child, my mother had been sexually abused as a child, and they were sexually abusing me.  As far back as I can remember, my father was sexually abusing me.  And I've often heard them brag that he began substituting his penis for my mother's nipple while I was still an infant.  This confused my primitive sexuality.  It put it into an area of pure survival.  It was the same, to me, as eating and drinking.  It was for this reason that I was targeted as a sex slave in the MKUltra project.

Another reason that I was targeted is because in multi generational families, as the Hitler/Himmler research discovered, and as has certainly been elaborated on since then, was discovered that when a person endures trauma that is literally too horrible to comprehend, the mind's sane defense to that kind of trauma is to compartmentalize the memory of that event in a certain portion of the brain, so that the rest of the mind... (lost about 5 seconds here.) ..."Dissociative Identity Disorder," as it is now termed.  It used to be called "multiple personality disorder," but that was not an accurate description of exactly what really is going on.

(Unintelligible) the compartmentalization of memory.  I developed a memory compartment to deal with my father's abuse.  The part of my brain that dealt with my father's abuse would actually open up.  The neuro-pathways would actually open up to a part of me that dealt with my father's abuse could deal with him again and again and again, as needed.  That part of my mind was closed off behind that amnesic barrier, and I would function absolutely free of any memory of that horrific abuse.  I really had no place to put such horror anyway.  It's not that what my father was doing was morally wrong, that I comprehended.  I was just a little bitty kid.  There was no way I could know that it was morally wrong.  But, instead, I endured the pain and the suffocation of his abuse.

The government understood, from a study that has long since been (unintelligible), that this compartmentalization of memory should prove ideal for keeping their perverse secrets.  Behind these amnesic barriers in the memory compartment is a photographic memory, because the mind photographically records events around these traumas.  Most people know exactly where they were and what they were doing when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  This is an example of how the mind photographically records events surrounding trauma, because that was an event that traumatized the whole nation.

This kind of photographic memory certainly had the interest of the government, because they knew that Dissociative Identity Disorder children, such as myself, were highly suggestible and could be easily programmed photographically to deliver messages, as it were.  In my case, since I had been sexually abused, I was used as a sex slave, and therefore my suggestible mind was programmed to carry out and fulfill perversions of certain politicians who did not want their perversions known to the rest of the public.  They truly believed that their secrets would be kept secret forever.  Had I not been expertly deprogrammed, I would not ever have been able to think to tell you about what happened, and what I witnessed, as a White House/Pentagon level mind controlled slave.

I developed another compartment in my mind to deal with my mother's psychological abuse.  My mother suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder, as it was known back then, as well.  This is why I don't really hold her responsible for her actions, but, nevertheless, she was extremely psychologically abusive, and the effects on me were devastating.  I felt that, I developed another compartment to deal with my mother's psychological abuse.

I developed another memory compartment to deal with the pornography that my father was subjecting me to.  My father had a sixth grade education, and earned his living as a worm digger, and supplemented the family income with proceeds from child pornography.  The child pornography that he was subjecting me to was also being manufactured by my mother's brother, my Uncle Bob Tanis, also of the Muskegon, Michigan area.  Uncle Bob was part of the Air Force Intelligence, and also claimed to have been working for the intelligence arm of the Catholic Vatican, the Jesuits.  My uncle Bob was heavily involved in the manufacture of pornography at that time.

When my father made a pornography film with me and my uncle's dog, Buster, which was a kiddy porn bestiality film, they were caught sending this child pornography through the U.S. mail.  When this happened, my uncle Bob Tanis came to him and explained to him that there was an operation going on here in the United States called MKUltra.   He told my father that if he would agree to sell me into the CIA's MKUltra mind control, that he could receive immunity from prosecution.  My father thought this was a great idea.  He thought that the government actually condoned child abuse.  He went on to have five more children to raise in the project.  There were seven of us in all.

At that time, the child pornography that was being manufactured was being circulated through the local Michigan Mafia pornography ring.  Also at that time, a certain criminal faction of our government was sanctioning this kind of child pornography, because they were interested in finding out which children were being used in the pornography; which children could be targeted for mind control, because they knew that if a child was abused prior to the age of five, before their minds and brains could be completely formed, that they were far more receptive to mind control.  Therefore, a certain faction of our government was interested in mind control experimentation and use, that actually were covering up the Mafia's child pornography ring.

Once my father agreed to sell me into the CIA's MKUltra project, we were visited by the head of the local Michigan Mafia pornography ring - or rather the politician that was covering up all of these kinds of perverse crimes in our area.  His name was Gerald Ford.  This is the same Gerald Ford that went into the office of President.

Gerald Ford came out to our house, and he explained to my father how to raise me in the project.  He explained to him how to manipulate my subconscious mind, because since I couldn't consciously comprehend the horror, (I mean, where in the world would I place something so horrible in my mind anyway?) I was functioning on subconscious level.  The subconscious mind does not comprehend - does not question or reason or rationalize things that it is told.  Information that is fed in is readily accepted, through either hypnotic language, language of the subconscious, or neuro-linguistic programming, as it is officially called.  My father called it "reverse psychology," and he was immediately flown off for a two week course on what he termed "reverse psychology" in Boston, Massachusetts.

When he came back, my victimization became much more horrific, because of the information and the knowledge that my father had learned.  My father began applying what he had learned, and in his attempt, he was attempting to scramble fantasy with reality, so that what was happening to me would seem like it was just happening in a dream, or it was just a storybook, or something that wasn't real.  It was much easier for me to believe something like that than to actually have to deal with reality, that my father was so perverse, and the abuse that I was enduring was actually being condoned and sanctioned by a criminal faction of our government.

At that time, my father had been instructed to take me to Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Mackinac Island, as I am sure most of you are well aware, is located between the U.S. and Canadian border, in essence, and it's where the Michigan Governor's Mansion is located.  It is a political retreat, where politicians from all over the country meet and discuss their political agendas.  At that time, the governor of Michigan was Governor George Romney.

It was my experience that Governor Romney was interested in implementing mind control into various aspects of society.  He truly believed that mind control was a necessity in society.  He believed in the kind of mind control that I was being subjected to.  He also believed that bringing mind control into the school system would be very beneficial for teaching children greater amounts of information.  The Michigan Education System ranked first in the nation for quite some time during those years.  It was actually a forerunner of global education, or "Outcome Based Education," as it is now called.  This was one area that I was aware Governor Romney was particularly interested in.

It was also in Mackinac Island, Michigan, that I was subjected to the perversion of Gerald Ford.  Gerald Ford had been sexually abusing me for a long time anyway.  It is not that he was a typical pedophile, like another one of my abusers was, but instead it was more that he was interested in traumatizing the minds in sexual abuse so that he could gain control.  He's what I refer to as try-sexual.  He'd try anything, with anybody, any age, any time, anywhere.  It didn't matter.  What mattered was the perversion of power.

Another one of my abusers at that time was then Michigan Senator, later U.S. Congressman, Guy VanderJagt.  Guy VanderJagt was an absolute pedophile, and had been sexually abusing me for quite some time.  Unlike Gerald Ford, he did not abuse me throughout my victimization.  He did not abuse me through the Reagan/Bush administration, and when that reached into adulthood.  Instead, he was sexually abusing me as a child, and preparing my mind for mind control, and for the role that I would be forced to participate in, in this MKUltra project.

I'm telling you these names, not because I think there's any kind of glamour in being sexually abused by politicians.  Really, quite the contrary.  I've named names in our book, "Trance Formation of America," in order that you know exactly who and what is in control of our country, and for what purpose.  I realize that here in Michigan many of you are familiar with these names.  There has been a deliberate smoke and mirrors illusion created to fool the American population into believing that their "New World Order" effort is an effort toward world peace of some kind, when in fact it is a world dominance effort that has been in motion for quite some time.

It was in Mackinac Island, Michigan, that I first learned some of these components of New World Order mind control, and other aspects of mind control victimization.  Since I was being traumatized, I was photographically recording conversations, and I learned how people such as myself, with Dissociative Identity Disorder, were considered prime candidates, or "chosen ones," for mind control.  Not only because of the compartmentalization of memory, but also because when a person is so traumatized and operating through these various compartments, they have no memory of events that had occured previously, and therefore they don't know to be tired, and endurance is increased tremendously in a person suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Likewise, a person develops 44 times visual acuity.  I believe it is an effort to see things before they happen, in an effort to see the trauma before it actually occurs, and the eyes are open wide, and it's as though the victims develop eyes in the back of their heads.  44 times visual acuity means that a person so trained would be able to shoot and never miss their mark.  They would never miss their target, because with that kind of visual acuity they are far more apt to be able to see and to aim and to shoot, and therefore Dissociative Identity Disordered persons were targeted themselves for mind control for military operations, for military intelligence, mercenary operations, paramilitary operations, and espionage.

I was never trained in that particular area because I was being raised as a sex slave.  I was being raised to carry out and fulfill the perversions of certain politicians in control of our country.  And they certainly didn't want someone who was being prostituted to politicians to even know how to shoot a gun.

I also learned at Mackinac Island Michigan about the Catholic's involvement in mind control.  Now this is certainly not to say that all Catholics are bad.  Not any more than I'm saying that all CIA is bad.  I've since learned that seems to be a criminal faction running through most aspects of our society, and it was my experience, having come from a predominantly Catholic area and being raised a Catholic, that I was subjected to the Catholic aspects of mind control.  At that time, then Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, who claims publicly to be Jesuit, was very much interested in mind control, was interested in mind control of the masses.  He was a part of that intelligence arm of the Vatican that was interested in becoming the one world church in the New World Order.  I heard many conversations pertaining to how criminal covert activity is going on in this country and around the world, would be funneled through the Catholic Church and designated immune, for implementing what Adolph Hitler and George Bush term "New World Order."

It was around that time, 1966 to be exact, that I made first communion at our local Catholic Church, Muskegon St. Francis de Salles.  At that time, Father Don was the head of our church, and was bringing mind control in on a mass scale.  I'm sure many of you all know the Catholics have been sued for vast amountsof money for child abuse proliferated in the church.  And this is one reason why.  In 1966, after I made my first communion, I was subjected to what was termed "The Rite To Remain Silent."  That's R-I-T-E, as in ritual.  And I was subjected to an occult ritual.  Occultism is of course a reversal of the Catholic Mass, and this was in keeping with that "reverse psychology" that my father learned.  This was in keeping with the language of the subconscious, and this was in keeping with the incomprehensible.

At that time, VanderJagt came in and joined Father Don in exposing me to a blood trauma that was so horrific to me that it just blew my mind.  When this happened, they used the hypnotic language, the language of the subconscious, to manipulate my subconscious in such a way that I lost control of my own switching processes at that time.

In other words, that compartmentalization that I was talking about, like where I had that compartment that would deal with my father's sexual abuse, as needed.  I no longer had the ability to switch into that compartment that dealt with his abuse.  I completely lost that ability with the "Rite To Remain Silent."  Instead, they placed a series of hypnotic codes, keys and triggers in place of my natural switching mechanism, so that they could decide when, where and how that particular compartment of my brain could be accessed.  That way, when I was programmed later on with specific government messages, and with specific perversion that I was forced to carry out, that they would decide when and how it would be accessed, by using those codes, keys and triggers to access that part of my brain.

After this "Rite to Remain Silent," I no longer heard voices in my head, which really was my own voice, because I used to make decisions by pulling from different compartments and perspectives of my brain, and trying to forumulate a decision by arguing back and forth to make the decision.  After the "Rite to Remain Silent," it was silent.  All I heard from then on were the voices of my abusers telling me exactly what it was I was supposed to do.  I had no ability to express any free will at all after that, and I certainly would not have participated in any of these events that I was forced to participate in of my own free will.

After this "Rite to Remain Silent," I was exposed to and dedicated to who would become my owner in the MKUltra project, U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd.  Senator Byrd had been in office as long as I had been alive.  He's still in office today.  He's head of our Senate Appropriations Committee.  He's holding our country's purse strings, and his agenda is for New World Order control, and has nothing to do with the constitutional values and freedoms that we've enjoyed in this country.

As my owner, Senator Byrd would decide where I would be taken, for what purposes, and how I would be programmed.  He decided which various military and NASA installations I would be taken to for sophisticated mind control programming, and later on, throughout the Reagan/Bush administration, it was Senator Byrd who decided what criminal covert operations I would be forced to participate in.

Senator Byrd was extremely brutal in his perversions, which further compartmentalized my memory of the horrors that I was experiencing and being subjected to.  One of the first things that Senator Byrd ordered was that I be sent to Muskegon Catholic Central High School.  At Muskegon Catholic Central, the groundwork for the Outcome Based Education was already in full swing.  They were testing the effects of trauma on the human mind, because it was my understanding, from everything that I heard and experienced, that the Catholics had long since learned the effects of trauma on the human mind, through such things as the Spanish Inquisition.  They have been gathering information for centuries.  And they were taking that knowledge, that certain criminal faction within the church that needs to be exposed and taken out of the Catholic Church.  They had gathered up information and combined it with the information that the CIA had gathered through the Hitler/Himmler genetic mind control research.  Together, it was very powerful mind control information.  It was extremely effective.

At Catholic Central, I was subjected to occult rituals during school hours, as were many others who attended Catholic Central.  As a result, I was photographically recording everything that I learned in school.  I got straight A's in school.  I was doing excellent, but yet I wasn't comprehending anything.  I didn't know how to use the different knowledge I was gaining.  But, nevertheless, my brain was being packed in full of knowledge because of the trauma that I was enduring.

It was while I was in Catholic Central that Gerald Ford went into the office of President.  This furthered what I had been conditioned to believe: that I had no place to run and no place to hide.  Of course, since then, since I've been deprogrammed, I know I do have a place to run, and it's right at them.  And I'm not the one with anything to hide.  They're the ones who are hiding their secrets under this cloak of so-called "national security."  But, nevertheless, that then was absolutely devastating to me because I sensed, I really couldn't think or rationalize, but yet I sensed that the whole world condoned child abuse, that the whole world was somehow involved in this, and that I'd long since lost my hope that there was a place in the world where good people even existed.

I truly felt that there was no place to turn to or run for help.  Who was I to run to?  My parents?  The church?  My school?  Local politicians?  Now I knew I couldn't even turn to the President of the United States.  I felt totally trapped in mind control, which is exactly what they want, because the more helpless I felt, the more control that they had.

In 1977, Senator Byrd ordered that I be transferred to Nashville, Tennessee.  In Nashville, Tennessee, mind control was in full swing.  The CIA operations that were being to run through the country music industry.  Drugs were being distributed throughout the country, particularly cocaine.  And the proceeds were going into the CIA's "black budget."  This was funding New World Order control.  Even now I wonder at how we could have any kind of a national debt, when I know that all the money that was being generated in this country was being used to fund these New World Order controls.  If we had access to the money that was being used against us, we wouldn't have any national debt.

Yet the country music industry was very much a part of the CIA's criminal covert operations at that time, and Senator Byrd had strong connections into Nashville Tennessee because he fancied himself an entertainer of sorts.  He fancied himself a fiddler.  Even though he was from West Virginia, he was a Nashville (unintelligible) that he'd fiddle on the Grand Old Opry.  On the occasions that I was sent to Nashville, Senator Byrd was fiddling on the Opry.

At that time, there was a musician playing music behind him named Wayne Cox.  Later, Wayne Cox told me that musically wasn't the only way that he also backed Senator Byrd, but that he backed him politically as well.  Wayne Cox subjected me to an occult ritual during which I was so traumatized that my suggestible mind accepted the program that Wayne Cox would become my first handler in this CIA MK Ultra project.  As my handler, Wayne Cox would follow orders from Senator Byrd, to make sure that I was at designated places at specific times for whatever purposes Senator Byrd ordered.

The first thing that happened is I was taken to Wayne Cox's home state, to Chatham Louisiana.  Senator Byrd wanted Wayne Cox to become my first handler because he knew that I would be subjected to further trauma.  Senator Byrd wanted more compartments developed in my brain.  He wanted more compartments to be programmed for the criminal covert operations that I would be forced to participate in.  And therefore I was subjected to numerous occult rituals.  This manipulated me by my religion, and made me feel totally hopeless in what was going on.

Wayne Cox was using trauma to trigger other mercenaries into operation at that time, because in the state of Louisiana, under the direction of Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston, there was a mercenary operation in full swing.  And these mercenaries had all been Dissociative Identity Disorder children who had been targeted by the CIA for mercenary purposes.  They had been trained to carry out these secret operations, and to keep the secret within the compartments of their brain.  J. Bennett Johnston was directing them.  And Wayne Cox, under the direction of J. Bennett Johnston, would go and trigger through trauma these mercenaries into operation while delivering J. Bennett Johnston's orders.

By 1978, it was determined that I had endured sufficient trauma to be programmed on a more sophisticated level, and J. Bennett Johnston took to me Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.  It was there that I endured the first extensive military mind control programming that would force me to participate in a trial run operation.  At that time, J. Bennett Johnston was sending the mercenaries into South America, and he firmly believed that when the airplanes went to South America with the mercenaries, that they should not come back empty.  Therefore, the airplanes were coming back full of cocaine, that would further fund the CIA's criminal covert operations, and usher in the New World Order.

I was programmed to deliver a large quantity of cocaine from the state of Louisiana into the neighboring state of Arkansas.  I took a large quantity to a remote airport in Ouachita Forest, which I have since identified as Mena Airport.  It was 1978.  Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas.  After delivering that large amount of cocaine, I delivered a personal stash of cocaine, as ordered by J. Bennett Johnston, along with a message from him and a packet of information.  At that time, I witnessed Bill Clinton snorting two lines of cocaine.  Yes, he did inhale.

This was not the last time I would be exposed to Bill Clinton.  I would know him throughout the 1980's, throughout my victimization, until my rescue and my daughter's rescue in 1988.

My sexual experience with Bill Clinton was extremely limited, because it was my experience that Bill Clinton is bisexual, leaning far more toward the homosexual end.  It is for that reason that we can consider why Bill Clinton ordered, this year, in the Outcome Based Education system, that our children have to endure a "Gay Celebration Month."  Throughout the month of October, our children were taught all the glories of homosexuality because of Bill Clinton.  This wasn't "Gay Awareness." This was gay celebration.

I have witnessed Bill Clinton involved in homosexual activity, and it was Hillary who accessed my mind control programming as a sex slave, and used my sex programming.  It was my experience that Hillary, too, leans far more toward homosexuality.

J. Bennett Johnston, back in Louisiana, was still traumatizing my mind, and confusing my mind.  He told me he was an alien.  That was pretty easy for me to believe!  What he was doing certainly was alien to my (unintelligible.)  He told me the story about how he had been  part of the Philadelphia Experiment.  He said when the ship disappeared, it came back a spaceship.  At that time he took me through a high security area of General Dynamics and showed me the then top secret Stealth Fighter.  I mean, here it was, the triangular Stealth Fighter, that I hadn't learned anything about in my text books or read about in the newspapers.  It was still classified.  I saw this triangular technology, and I truly believed it was a spaceship.  I truly believed that J. Bennett Johnston was an alien.  I tell you this because I know for a fact that those in control of our government will go to any length to make all of us feel totally helpless.

Technologically, they are 25 years ahead of us.  They are 25 years ahead of us in information, because they have been using that blanket of national security for a long time to withhold information from all of us.  You can imagine what has happened over the last 25 years technologically, what those advances are: computers, microwave ovens, all the things that are in our households in the last 25 years, and consider that they in Washington are at least 25 years ahead of anything we know technologically.  In order to make us feel helpless, it is their plan to reveal some of that technology, and claim an alien invasion has occurred.  This certainly isn't to say there aren't any aliens.  Just because it wasn't my experience doesn't mean that it there aren't any.  But in order for us to have the accurate information, we need to know what government misinformation is being planned for all of us, and how we are all being conditioned to feel totally helpless, and surrender to New World Order control.  That is the plan.

My abusers always claimed to be aliens or demons or gods, something that I thought was beyond my realm to effect.  And I am here to tell you all now that they are just people, and they are subject to the same laws that the rest of us are, and this criminal activity that they are proliferating behind their blanket of national security has got to be exposed.  By shining the proverbial spotlight of truth on their criminal activities, they will have to flee.

By 1980, my daughter Kelly was born.  She was born right into the MK Ultra mind control project, on a much more sophisticated, high tech level of victimization than I had ever been subjected to as a child.  The technology had advanced.  Kelly was exposed to harmonic mind control programming at NASA installations and military installations literally since birth.

When I was just a little girl, way before that "Right to Remain Silent," back when I had a free thought to myself on occasion, I thought how wonderful it would be to have ten children.  Because (unintelligible) number, but I also felt like that would be ten children in this world that I knew would not be abused.  I didn't believe in child abuse.  And yet, by the time my daughter Kelly was born, I had no ability to prevent her abuse.  I certainly didn't contribute to it in any way, but I couldn't think to prevent it.  I couldn't think to stop what was happening (unintelligible).  My own survival instincts had long since deteriorated.  So instead they would use my daughter, Kelly, to manipulate me by my maternal instincts, and for the rest of our mind control victimization, I carried out every criminal covert operation that I was forced to participate in as though Kelly's life depended on it, because I truly believed that it did.

As soon as Kelly was born, Senator Byrd ordered that we be transferred back to Nashville, Tennessee, where we would be under the control of our second mind control handler, Alex Houston.  Alex Houston was the stage hypnotist and ventriloquist in the country music industry that Mark referred to earlier.  Alex Houston would provide a means of Kelly and I traveling throughout the United States to various military and NASA installations for mind control programming, in and out of Washington DC, into Canada, throughout Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean.

The country music industry would provide the perfect cover because I dressed like a prostitute and I acted like a total air head, and people tended to think that was probably the norm for the life of a country music entertainer.  That was the public image that was protected.

When Senator Byrd ordered that Kelly and I were taken in for mind control programming, we were subjected to sophisticated mind control programming by our primary mind controller at that time, programmer, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.  This is the Lt. Colonel of the psychological warfare division, and founder of the occult Temple of Set, that is proliferating on our military bases.  The same Lt. Col. Michael Aquino that is named in the Presidio daycare scandal.

He uses occultism as a trauma base for mind control, and it is my experience that his satanic power was in the form of a stun gun.  This high voltage stun gun was used in conjunction with sleep, food and water deprivation, to compartmentalize memory of programs into my child's brain.  He knew that this method of mind control would be sufficient for carrying out government operations.

In 1983, Senator Byrd ordered that I attend a White House cocktail party, and he acted in the capacity of a pimp, and prostituted me to then president Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan, as you all well know, is an actor, and he was acting to create an illusion of something entirely different to the American populace, while behind the scenes he was very much involved in implementing New World Order controls and eroding our constitutional values.

I heard Ronald Reagan say to then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada, who was also involved in this New World Order effort, that he believed the only way to world piece was through mind control of the masses.  I know from personal experience that there can be no peace of mind under mind control, and I wonder what kind of a world peace could we possibly have with people that have no peace of mind?  Since I wasn't in control of my own mind, I had no free will, and without a free will, I had no ability to express soul.  I had no ability to express spirituality, and I am deeply concerned for a plan of mind control of the masses, and deeply concerned for the plan for a totally robotic society for the purposes of world peace?  It certainly isn't my definition of peace, and certainly is one more reason why it is so imperative that all of you know what mind control entails, so you can think about it and take action now, while there is still time.

At that point in time, I also heard Senator Byrd talking about how he was counting on the American populace to do absolutely nothing about all of this.  Because he said good people don't think to look for criminal activity.  Good people don't have criminal minds and they don't think criminally, and therefore when we have something put in front of us like "world peace," something that we all hold so precious and dear, we're not apt to look behind that, at what the reality is behind the scenes, and they were counting on good people to do absolutely nothing and to assume absolutely nothing.

Once again they were wrong, because I am seeing all across this country where people are gathering, sharing information, absolutely disgusted by the way their churches are being infiltrated with occultism, by the way their children are being abused horribly, sexually, in the churches, in the day cares.  They are appalled at the way the so-called "war on drugs," which in essence is no more than the CIA eliminating their competition, has been brought to our street corners, and our streets have been turned into a bloodbath.

The erosion of constitutional values and morality in this country have reached such proportions that people are beginning to ask questions.  And as we begin to ask questions, we must provide them with specific details, so we can be more effective in taking back our country.

During the 1980s, I was forced to work under President Reagan's Secretary of Education, Bill Bennett.  Bill Bennett publicly claims to be a Jesuit, but he does not define the faction of the Jesuit Order that he is talking about.  He, along with Lamar Alexander, who is also a victimizer in all of this mess, are responsible for bringing the Outcome Based Education into our school system.  The Outcome Based Education was designed to increase our children's learning capacity, while decreasing their ability to critically analyze.  By decreasing their ability to critically analyze, they will readily accept information.  And I'm seeing now where people all across the country are absolutely upset with the way that they send their children to school, and their children come home completely different and robotic, completely different from anything that they recognize, with values of Socialism and New World Order control.

Home schooling has become the norm in this country.  Senator Byrd has said that he would withhold funding to the various states until it reached a point where state governments would be reliant on the federal government to come in and help them with the education system.  This year, every state in the United States accepted the Outcome Based Education financing, because they were told it was the only way they could receive any federal funding or any grant money.  Every state in the United States accepted Outcome Based Education but one.  One governor said the federal government has no business meddling with our children's minds, and that is Fob James Jr. of Alabama.  I applaud him for having the (unintelligible.)

This Outcome Based Education is a very serious problem for all of us, and it's setting the groundwork of controlling the minds of our children for New World Order control, which is exactly what Adolf Hitler said in 1936.  He said he didn't care who didn't want to accept the New World Order, because he had the minds of the children.  I have heard it discussed in Washington D.C. how they believe that they can control the future by controlling our children.  We must be alert to what is happening in our school systems.  It is said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.  We must be vigilant with this last freedom that we've got - freedom of thought.

Throughout the eighties, I was forced to participate in the CIA's so-called "war on drugs," and mule copious quantities of drugs into this country against my will, and I want you all to know that our government is involved in that erosion of our morality and that erosion of our society.

In 1988, Mark Phillips rescued my daughter Kelly and I.  I certainly couldn't think to escape our mind controlled system.  He rescued us and took us to the safety and serenity of Alaska, and it was there that we were safe for the first time in our lives, and the memories began flashing across our mind's screen.  And as these memories flashed, I became enraged.  Enraged at all the years that had been taken from me.  Enraged at the federal covert operations I was forced to participate in against my will.  I was enraged at what had been done to my daughter, and I was enraged at what the plan was for New World Order controls on all of us.

This rage was absolutely blinding me from any recovery.  It was totally immobilizing, were it not for Mark's wisdom in telling me that recovery is the best revenge.  And the best way to recover my memory and my mind was through using logic.  And the best way to logically deal with what happened was to write out my memories of those events rather than verbalize them.  By writing out these memories, I used a portion of my brain that bypassed emotions.  Having a new conscious awareness, and having this kind of logic brought into the deprogramming process, I was finally able to question, to reason, to critically analyze, and to begin to finally understand the incomprehensible.  As fast as their information was deprogrammed, it was verified by concerned members of law enforcement, the intelligence community, and members and factions of our government.  This information was disseminated widely and vastly, because we knew that by not keeping any secrets, that we could survive, to reach this point in telling you all exactly what's going on behind the scenes in our government.

It's a fact that 95% of the people are led by 5%.  This really holds pretty much true, because not everybody can accept this information or act on this information, or even wants to hear it.  All we need is 3% of that 5% to be back in control of our country.  That's a small number, but we've got to get this information out.  We have got to spread this information as far and fast as we can.

My daughter Kelly was not so fortunate.  Through a series of events, she ended up in the custody of the State of Tennessee, where she remains a political prisoner today.  She was 8 years old when Mark rescued she and I, and she enjoyed one year of family love and a loving relationship.  Mark and I fell in love throughout this process, and I feel extremely fortunate to have found the kind of love that most people spend a lifetime looking for and seldom ever find.  But we have got a beautiful, loving relationship, which gave Kelly a view of life that she has never experienced before.  And this is the hope that she maintains, waiting, while she is locked up in a political prisoner environment, where she is denied rehabilitation, due to who and what she knows is involved in MK Ultra.

It certainly raises the question, what "national security" has to do with the rape and molestation of innocent children's minds and bodies.  Because the violations of laws and rights continue to proliferate in Kelly's so-called "legal case" is all happening under a blanket of so-called "national security."  This is a national security that is threatening the security of our nation, when it covers such crimes as child abuse, political perversion, the CIA's involvement in drugs, manipulation of our children's minds through Outcome Based Education, and exactly what mind control is.

For this reason, Mark and I went to tremendous lengths to circumvent any national security censorship, and self published our book, "Trance Formation of America," that provided far more detail than I could give you tonight, in order that you could be armed with sufficient information that you have a right to know, so that we can all be far more effective in our efforts to take back our streets, to take back our churches, to take back our schools, to take back our country, and to take back our world.  It is truth that sets us free.  Please help us to spread this word.  Thank you.

(This concludes Cathy O'Brien's portion of the presentation.)

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