31 March 1999

During an interview yesterday on Vancouver's CKNW Radio with Stirling Faux, I was told that they had seen a report from the Russians that a B2 stealth bomber had dropped an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon in Yugoslavia. Made by Los Alamos Laboratories, it apparently produces a similar effect to a large nuclear weapon in disrupting electronics and communications in order to weaken the enemy's ability to retaliate for some time, but without the destructive power and radioactive fallout. However, I haven't seen any further report of this.

If true, then we are witnessing another field trial for new US weapons. Also, it means that, sensibly, the Russians have a sophisticated intelligence-gathering capability in Yugoslavia, to get first-hand information on how NATO is performing. I saw a report that the first people to inspect the downed F117 Stealth fighter-bomber were a Russian "trade mission"...

Rob Green
Chair, World Court Project UK




Electro-Magnetic (EM) weapons are one of the newest and most serious military developments in the world today. Enormous secrecy surrounds their development, which is helped by the fact that they rely on the complex physics of non-ionizing radiation and on bio-electromagnetics. They can be broadly broken down into two categories - those aimed at the environment and those aimed at living systems, or in reality the human central nervous system. In the case of the environment, very large quantities of energy can be literally 'broadcast', like radio, to create certain special environmental effects - radical changes in the ionosphere to affect communications, and possibly even the weather, as well as reflection to earth to perform such feats as x-raying the earth to find underground installations, possibly large transfers of energy to power equipment, or to apply destructive forces anywhere on earth, including EMP effects (Electro-Magnetic Pulse, associated with nuclear explosions), and simpler tasks like submarine communication, using very long waves. The more sinister aspect concerns the ability to use low energy density waves of particular frequencies and special waveforms to literally 'tune into' the human central nervous system (CNS), something that has been achieved in the laboratory, according to publicly available scientific literature. This might be done on an individual scale, to temporarily or perhaps permanently alter psychological states, so as to elicit certain behaviours from human beings. It is alleged that many victims have been tested involuntarily for decades now with this technology. It is also suggested that these weapons have been used in some actions, most especially the Gulf War and against the Greenham Common women in the UK. In this case they would have a mass effect, in that they are aimed at large groups. This use is sought not only by the military, but, alarmingly, by the police forces as well, clearly for the purpose of controlling unruly domestic populations. Once achieved, sule, or unstoppable. The subject came to the attention of the Green Group in 1996, and we have slowly developed a knowledge base and large archive in this highly specialized area. Several special meetings culminating in a Foreign Affairs Committee Parliamentary Hearing have been held at the European Parliament as a result, and finally the Group managed in early January '99, with the help of interested Members in other Groups, to have Parliament pass a resolution referring very critically to this subject. This subject also has very serious implications for standard setting for non-ionizing radiation, because the levels of exposure at which one can manipulate the human being are very low indeed, since it is the tuning and the waveform which matter, not the levels, which is the reason that Russian exposure standards are apparently 1000 times lower than the US standards. Setting standards suited to the use of mobile phones and power lines, so as to avoid the long term health effects, while very desirable indeed, may not even be low enough to prevent the use of these weapons, and may even legalize their use, something the Greens must be very careful of, since we have been responsible for this subject to date in the European Parliament (Lannoye, Belgium and Tamino, Italy). Ideally, for now, we should exclude military sources, specifically weapons, as opposed to communications equipment, from EU legislation on non-ionizing radiation altogether.

It is worth comparing the standard setting processes for non-ionizing and for ionizing radiation, as they are remarkably similar. The military, via the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), played a major role in originally setting ionizing standards at ridiculously high levels by burying or ignoring the science, leading to the need for continuous reductions in the acceptable exposure levels. Something similar appears to happening with non-ionizing radiation, in that a very similar unelected 'independent' advisory committee (ICNIRP - International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) has offered advice in this area, which is accepted blindly by the European Commission, despite the fact that, once again, much of the science is being ignored, and the precautionary principle, for some odd reason, seems not to apply. The fact that two of the US representatives on ICNIRP are associated with the military has echoes of the past, and is most suspicious. The focus of public attention so far has been a project in Alaska called HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which is a massive 'array' transmitter designed to manipulate the ionosphere for military purposes - communications effects, earth x-rays, and possibly weather manipulation (despite conventions banning this). But the range of uses of this basic technology is very wide, much wider than its predecessor, ionizing radiation (nuclear). The primary difference is that electromagnetic waves can be 'tuned' so as to have certain effects on living systems, whereas the 'chaotic' nature of ionizing radiation does not facilitate this and the result of exposure to it is normally direct damage only. As stated above, scientists have been able to 'tune' EM to facilitate remote direct communication with the central nervous systems of living creatures, and they are of course especially interested in using this fact to manipulate human beings. According to their own official documentation, the military and the police themcontrol populations. They were used in a crude form by the Soviets against the US Moscow embassy in the '60s with fatal consequences for the ambassador himself, and it is believed that they were used in what is called a 'superfence' against the Greenham Common women, and also to demotivate the Iraqi troops during the Gulf War. The Soviets tried in the 70s to prevent an arms race in this area by means of a Convention, but the US rejected these efforts, and has moved ahead very rapidly, also within NATO, into a dominant position. Unless this development is stopped, we are entering an Orwellian '1984' type scenario, which could potentially permanently transfer enormous power to those in control of the technology. It must also be seen in the wider context of the one-sided arms race currently underway, where the US is re-arming, by continuing with 'Star Wars', and is aiming to be totally dominant in 'Space Power' by 2020. Electromagnetic weapons play a key role here, alongside ABMs, lasers and particle beam weapons.


We are of course totally opposed to the development and deployment of these weapons. We regard the unsuccessful attempts in the 70s of the former Soviet Union to have these weapons controlled by a UN Convention as having been a major missed opportunity, which has now led to a new arms race in this field. We have sought to renew the attempt to have a Convention to outlaw these weapons and the research that leads to them, primarily that concerning external manipulation of the human central nervous system. We are alarmed that, already, the US is moving towards deployment of ABMs, in Alaska for example, in breach of the 1972 ABM Treaty (possibly arguing that the USSR no longer exists!), and is also developing weather modification weapons, which would breach the 1977 UN ENMOD Convention. Adherence to these existing Treaties is absolutely essential from our point of view.


The focus for debate so far in Parliament on this issue has been provided by a report on the environment and the military, authored by Swedish Socialist and peace activist Maj Britt Theorin. She referred to this very sensitive matter in a rather passing fashion in her draft report, having met, during a Parliamentary hearing on the matter, some of the main activists on the issue, and having also apparently met some anonymous scientists. Enormous pressure was imposed on the rapporteur Mrs Theorin, we believe via her 'scientific' advisers, and she opposed every attempt to strengthen the resolution on this subject. At some points the PPE divided, and important Green amendments were lost, such as our call for a convention banning the human CNS research!. The Left (GUE/NGL) followed the Socialists, while the Liberals were mixed, but helpful on this question to some extent. In the end, we achieved a quite remarkable Parliament resolution on January 28th, damning the US for not being willing to even come to discuss the matter with the Parliament, and in particular attacking the HAARP project in Alaska, calling for a Parliament STOA study on it, while also calling in rather vague terms for a ban on the manipulation of human beings.


Being a very difficult subject, as it is (or seems) so new and very technical, and seemingly science fiction, it has been necessary to move carefully and not too quickly. We began in 1996 with two special Green Group meetings, one showing an excellent BBC Horizon documentary on HAARP, and involving experts like Dr Rosalie Bertell from Canada, and Dr Nick Begich from Alaska, author of the best-selling book on HAARP, as well as MEPs like Tom Spencer and Carlos Pimenta, to make Members aware that this was no science fiction. That led to the Parliamentary Hearing on HAARP and 'Non-lethal' Weapons in February last year, in the Foreign Affairs Committee. The culmination so far was the Theorin report, and the considerable success in adding references on this sensitive subject, by adoption of our amendments, and some by the PPE.


Not much has happened since the adoption of the Theorin report and resolution, and cahnges in the Memberhip of teh Parliament in Jne may mean having to start again to some extent. However, the media have now started to take the matter more seriously since Theorin. The STOA study should be produced in the next year. Green Ministers will now be urged to act on the matter. The new Group will have to face this new issue after the election to decide how to proceed.

Pol D'Huyvetter


The Electromagnetic Bomb - a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction

Carlo Kopp
Defence Analyst
Melbourne, Australia

High Power Electromagnetic Pulse generation techniques and High Power Microwave technology have matured to the point where practical E-bombs (Electromagnetic bombs) are becoming technically feasible, with new applications in both Strategic and Tactical Information Warfare.

The development of conventional E-bomb devices allows their use in non-nuclear confrontations. This paper discusses aspects of the technology base, weapon delivery techniques and proposes a doctrinal foundation for the use of such devices in warhead and bomb applications.

Full article


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