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Cult of the Serpent - part 5 of 5

In his book "ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS" (Souvenir Press), Andrew Tomas gives some additional information concerning the "Nagas" or the "Serpent People" who are believed to originate from a gigantic underworld cavern network below central Asia and the Far East. On p. 160 of his book Tomas states:

"...Even in this jet-age every Hindu is familiar with and usually believes in the legend of the Nagas, the "serpents" which live in extensive underground palaces in the rocky Himalayas. It is believed that these creatures are able to fly in space and that they possess amazing magical powers and intelligence. They are not too fond of man if he is a curiosity seeker, explorer or mountaineer. According to the sacred(?) tradition of the Hindus, the deep caverns of the Nagas contain fabulous treasures, illuminated by flashing precious stones. The subterranean abodes are known to be in certain parts of both the Himalayas and Tibet, particularly around the Lake of the Great Nagas - Lake Manosarowar."

Take note of the remarkable similarity between this description and medieval traditions of hideous and malevolent "dragons" who lived in dark underground lairs along with kidnapped human maidens and "stolen treasures." We've all heard of these tales, which most have formerly attributed to fantasy. However, could such tales actually be rooted in subconscious awareness of actual realities?

Andrew Tomas describes his own personal encounters with those who claimed to have knowledge of these subterranean and space-traveling creatures. On pp. 166-168 he states:

"...I decided to go to the Kulu Valley in the Western part of the Himalayas to visit Naggar, where Nicholas Roerich had lived. Since I had known him personally, the trip had sentimental overtone. A narrow curving road, a precipice on one side with rocks and avalanches on the other, were not conductive to an enjoyable journey to this remote region near Ladakh and Tibet. The village of Naggar derives its name from NAGA, the serpent. High up in the mountains lies Roerich's estate. Having been an artist of note, his two-sided house contains a museum of his paintings.

"As I began my ascent on the mountain path, I saw a tall grey-haired sadhu (hermit), sitting by a mountain torrent. In his hand he held a cobra-shaped staff, which together with the markings on his forehead, signified that he was a devotee of Shiva. During the earlier, more peaceful times of the British Raj, these pilgrims would travel to the Lake of the Great Nagas, Lake Manosarowar, or to Mount Kailas, the abode of Shiva (a "god" apparently tied-in with the Nagas - Branton), in Tibetan territory. I climbed the mountain and reached the terrace on which Roerich's house is built. I spent an hour studying (his) paintings. On the way back I admired the narrow valley and the looming snow-capped mountain ridges on both sides.

"The sadhu was still there. I thought, 'A place called Naggar, a devotee of the Nagas with the cobra staff, if he does not know something about the Nagas, then who does?'"

After Andrew Tomas asked this man, apparently a misguided member of a serpent cult, if he knew anything about the "Nagas" or the serpent beings, the pagan devotee responded:

"'I am a poor sadhu, I know nothing, sahib. But about twenty years ago my yogi teacher went into the mountain kingdom of the Nagas. Bright lights everywhere, big halls like Taj Mahal... The Nagas have many, many things and machines. They are clever, like Cambridge men, may be more clever, sahib,' the sadhu said with an apologetic smile...

"'Your yogi must have been a Rishi. Don't the Nagas destroy men with their sting?' I asked.

"'Yes, though the Nagas are gods and wish nothing but good to man, they do not like men who have no business near their palaces,' he replied."

One can see here the poor, miss-guided and indeed self-contradicting mentality of many of those souls who are caught up in the "serpents cults" throughout the world. In response to Thomas' accusations that THE NAGAS DESTROY MEN WITH THEIR STING, this "devotee" agrees with him and states "Yes" (they do destroy human lives). However, he then goes on to make the absolutely contradicting statement that THE NAGAS ARE GODS AND WISH NOTHING BUT GOOD TO MAN. This poor soul like so many others, apparently desiring to worship a supernatural power "greater" than himself, had actually been deceived into devoting himself to creatures which are in fact a deadly threat to man and are apparent "gods" only in the sense that their intellectual capacity allows them to develop and utilize advanced forms of occult-technology. This apparent schizophrenic or self-contradicting thinking may result from the devotee's DESIRE to believe he was worshipping benevolent entities while at the same time subconsciously acknowledging the threat that these creatures pose to human life is very real as well. Many of these people may have grown up with such false teachings and, simply because there was no alternative presented to them, ended up worshipping the serpent race or "The Beast" (This does not mean that they are beyond salvation as those who take "the mark" of the Beast of Revelation ch. 13 will be, who in essence will through a world-wide initiation willfully turn over their own WILLPOWER to "the Beast" in exchange for supernatural "godlike" powers. These will be irredeemable since their WILLS will no longer be theirs and therefore they will be unable to "choose" to return to the God of the Universe). This aspect of being taught a particular belief-system from birth has to do with the so-called "law of first report", a powerful force which states in essence that a person who learns one set of teachings BEFORE hearing of a contradictory viewpoint will often defend the teaching which he heard "first" to the death, whether that teaching it right or wrong.

The sad fact is, such serpent-race-inspired cults condemn critical, analytical thinking and demand absolute and blind allegiance and obedience to the "masters". The God of Judeo-Christian revelation is not so intimidated by men's efforts to examine His Word, but instead encourages man to "PROVE" His Word, His Prophecies, and the Scientific and Historical reliability of his revelations in an HONEST manner. Unfortunately, many of the serpent cult followers have been so ingrained from childhood with these lies that it is very difficult to break free from such traditions when they are older. Many of these will not listen to critical arguments against their already-established views simply for prides sake, or because of the fear or possibility of being proven wrong. This is also true with the many modern "lodge-religions" which are outwardly "Christian" yet inwardly pagan, and which play upon the human ego and the desire for "secret knowledge" which will somehow supposedly make them SUPERIOR to their fellow man if they can "make the grade" by being initiated into the "inner core"; and most who reach this "inner core" must admit if they are honest with their own conscience that much of what they supposedly "learned" there is actually contradictory to what they learned in the lower or outer "levels" when they first joined-up with such a religious movement.

We would say that these "hybrid" religions which attempt to fuse the contradicting teachings of the "Serpent" and the "Lamb" together (the first such post-deluvian cult being the ancient Babylonian Mystery Religion built around the tower of "Babel" or tower of "Confusion") are far more dangerous than the Serpent Cults themselves, as they are more likely to lead souls hungry for truth to their destruction when actually the initiate or member believes that they are on the path of light because SOME of the teachings actually ARE based on a perverted form of truth. Jesus said "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (I Cor. 5:6), or a little lie can corrupt a great deal of truth. A little "serpents venom" of self-deification, self-centeredness or selfish ego-worship can utterly destroy and corrupt any benefit of any TRUTH which the Creator would plant in a human heart, truth based on the teaching of putting God and others first and in so doing bringing about a better society, and thus PERSONAL benefit.

Andrew Tomas continues by describing other subterranean-related accounts in his book "ON THE SHORES OF ENDLESS WORLDS":

"... Traditions of vaults, labyrinths, tunnels and buried treasures of remote antiquity are found in Crete, Egypt, Tibet, Angkor, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. The legends usually connected with the cult of the Serpent come especially in Egypt, Crete, Angkor, Tibet, India and Mexico."

Tomas also describes one account on p. 165 which stated that an "Arab fraternity" had knowledge of and access to a "subterranean gallery under the Sphinx" near Giza, Egypt which is sealed by an artificial barrier of flame. Such subterranean "barriers" have been described in other accounts, and are often described as a "sheet" of bluish flame. There are many accounts other than this one given by Andrew Tomas which tell of hidden subterranean tunnels, labyrinths, chambers and caverns - even subterranean people - which have allegedly been seen beneath the Cairo, Egypt region. Such accounts also spread to South America, as we can see by Tomas description (p. 158) of an alleged sub-terran system beneath Peru:

"Legend has it that a vast subterranean network exists in the Andes. This would infer engineering skill of the highest calibre which the early inhabitants of South America did not lack. The megalithic stonework of Tiahuanaco has to be seen to be believed. Stones are fitted together with insets without cement as if they were ivory and not 20-ton stone blocks. These ruins were ancient even at the time of the Conquest, nor could the Indians of the period provide an answer as to the identity of the Titan-builders. Another puzzle at Tiahuanaco is the absence of burial sites in the complex. Does the reign of the Tiahuanacan Empire... go back to an unknown chapter of prehistory?" On p. 159 Mr. Tomas gives yet another account concerning Tiahuanaco and the strange subterranean tunnels which allegedly undermine the area:

"The Jesuit Agnelio Oliva (1572-1542) recorded the words of an old Inca quipu reader to the effect that the real Tiahuanaco was a subterranean city exceeding the one above ground in vastness. It was believed that the entrance to the underground apartments could be gained through four tunnels. Last century one passage was evidently found as treasure hunters managed to get in, to look for gold, but only one came out. He brought out with him two gold bars but left behind his sanity. After this incident the Peruvian government decided to wall up the cave entrance..." This tunnel, according to other sources, was actually hidden among the ruins of Fort Sacsahuaman outside of and above Cuzco, Peru. The explorers allegedly found their way into ancient treasure caves beneath the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, and most of them subsequently became lost in the dark labyrinthine maze, except for the man who returned with two gold bars. There are however "rumors" that the tunnels beneath Cuzco eventually connect with others in different parts of the Peruvian Andes.

In this file we have dealt extensively with the saurian-type alien entities. However, not all of the "aliens" encountered during UFO events or subsurface incidents are of the infernal, "sauroid-reptilian" type. Probably the second most commonly reported occupants or alien entities are the "Nordics" or so-called "Blondes" (as they have often been referred to), described as being human yet usually blond-haired and blue-eyed. These claim to have continuity with ancient earth societies who developed advanced forms of technology, and these "Nordics" or "Blondes" have been associated with nearby planetary or star systems as well as with subterranean colonies possibly descended from ancient Greco-Mayan explorers. It is uncertain just what "their" stand regarding the "serpent race" is, but some sources indicate that conflict between the two "alien" groups has existed for hundreds of years and perhaps millennia, and is increasing in more recent times. The major centers of activity for one group of blond semi-alien humans, according to several sources, is in a network of subterranean caverns which exist a few miles beneath the surface of California and surrounding regions. One of their major "Capitol" centers of this hidden society is alleged to be a subterranean city by the name of "Telos", which is actually a Greek work meaning "uttermost".

Telos is said in itself to be inhabited by over a million persons, many of whom claim ancient ancestral ties with the old Mayan civilizations. Telos is said to be one of 7 or more subterranean cities below the United States which may have been in existence since antediluvian times and which were apparently re-discovered and re-established by various early native inhabitants of the Americas. Also, some sources claim that these "Blonde" aliens have an alliance with Oriental Subterranean humans from the "Agharta Empire". There is evidence that the subterranean network beneath California may have been inhabited continuously for over a thousand or more years.

The Telosians, etc. are allegedly aware of conditions on the surface of the earth, which they monitor constantly via TV, radio, etc., although they are usually reticent of establishing any major contact with the surface world and carry on their activities in privacy. They are apparently aware of the geological trends which are leading this planet to an eventual crisis point (i.e. ozone destruction, pollution, seismic disaster, potential polar reversal, greenhouse effect, etc.) but seem to be just as helpless to do anything to stop it as are the surface governments of the earth. All this might sound like the most daring science fiction, but there are several sources who swear it's true. More on these two groups (the Telosians and Aghartians) will be revealed later on and we will leave it to the reader to decide how to deal with such allegations.

There are other groups which may have been confused with the Telosian 'Blondes'. One we will refer to as the 'Nordics' who have allegedly established bases or communities beyond the earth. Another group which may fit into the scenario will be referred by us as the 'Aryans', an alleged 'pure-bred' race of neo-Nazis who are believed to occupy underground bases below Antarctica and utilize Nazi 'aerial disk' technology. There is still another group which we should include here. There have been some accounts concerning so-called "nordics" or "blondes" or "Aryans" (which one's we do not know) who have been seen working in connection with the sauroids or the serpent race. The serpent races have apparently convinced a relatively few from one or more of these human 'races' just mentioned, to work with them, perhaps enticing them with certain promises of supernatural or technological advancement. For instance if an Earth-person sees a "Nordic Blond" human with a group of reptilians, as many have (These particular "Blondes" are usually described as exuding a type of mindless and superficial "unconditional compassion" from their eyes) then the human will be all the more likely to cooperate with the sauroids' attempts to implant, examine, de- sperm, de-egg, impregnate, or genetically interfere with these victims. Often the Blondes who are working WITH the reptilians are described as being simplistic, with child-like minds and lacking critical thought, as if they have abandoned all critical judgment in exchange for blind faith in the grandiose promises of the serpent race. In contrast to this the Nordic or Blond groups (the majority?) who are in direct opposition to, or even at war with, the grays or sauroids, have been described as being more practical, intelligent, and less prone to use manipulation and deceit to get their way.

If such a scenario involving an actual conflict between human and saurian beings is in fact taking place on, below and above this planet, then one must wonder why the majority of us humans living on the surface are oblivious to the fact? There are in fact many Christian-Patriotic publications which document actual attempts by one-world organizations to influence and manipulate the information media. If many of these one-world organizations, through secret fraternities, have actually been suppressing news references to "aliens" as part of a secret-governmental cover-up, then the ignorance would be explained by the fact that the majority of human society would rather "go with the flow" and believe everything they're told with blind faith. Just because something is big and powerful (like the news media, and in fact like the devil himself) does not mean that they are always benevolent or truthful. Many would apparently trust the "controlled" news media religiously and frown upon those who would dare make waves and go against the established flow. However, in recent years the news media IS in fact letting the "snake out of the bag" and producing programs about alien abduction, etc. Let's hope that these and future programs depict the alien problem in a true light.

There have also been various fictionalized movies and TV serials which have in recent years hinted at the reality of the human-saurian conflict. Some of these productions reveal a rather distorted view of alien reality, both human and/or reptilian, yet others are very close to the fact. We will list a few of these here:

WHAT WAITS BELOW - (Movie: A military unit discovers huge underground caverns in which they encounter an ancient tribe of subterranean human troglodytes).

ALIEN(S) - (Movie: Astronauts from earth come in contact with a race of highly-intelligent, egg-laying, reptilian creatures which prove to be an extreme threat to the explorers. Part II is probably closest to actual reality according to certain reports).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - (Series - A human, born deformed yet possessed with great knowledge, becomes the philosophical leader of an underground community within a subterranean realm below a major city).

THX 1138 - (Movie: An underground community, having lost almost all knowledge of the surface world, degenerates into an entranced society of human slaves).

HANGER 18 - (Movie: Based on actual events, although in a fictionalized format. U.S. Government teams discover a crashed disk-like spacecraft containing human occupants and hieroglyphic-like writings identical to those found in ancient Meso-American ruins, which they attempt to decipher for scientific use).

A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH - (Movie: A classic adventure about a group of explorers who discover a path through an ancient volcano which leads to an underground realm inhabited by saurians and ancient ruins of a human civilization).

"V" - (Mini-series: A race of human-appearing aliens claiming to be benevolent space brothers are found by a resistance group to be humanoid reptilians beneath a human disguise).

THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN - (Movie: An underground biological research lab-base becomes caught-up in a fight to save the world from a deadly, runaway virus).

THEY LIVE - (Movie: A Christian resistance group fight a race of alien beings who have infiltrated most aspects of human society through their chameleon-like ability to appear outwardly human).

THE ENEMY WITHIN - (Movie: An off-shore oil platform looses a horrifying alien being from the depths of the earth).

MOONTRAP - (Movie: Explorers from earth discover a race of ancient human astronauts, prehistoric cousins of humanity, who were forced into cryogenic freeze on the moon after losing an ancient battle with a race of deadly self-perpetuating androi beings).

STRANDED - (Movie: A race of human refugees from another planet, fleeing an interplanetary war with a reptilian race, land on earth only to discover new dangers from confused and frightened eartheans).

PREDATOR - (Movie: After the CIA tricks a multi-national special forces unit into fighting a suicide mission in the jungles of South America, the soldiers battle for their lives against a green-blooded chameleon-like alien being which they discover is responsible for many unexplained mutilations).

The reader should realize that these representations are fictionalized and deal with the possibility of human-alien conflict from an entirely physical-technical perspective, and therefore also reveal the extreme potential dangers that might be faced by humans is such conflicts occurred from an entirely physical context. However, since the ACTUAL conflict is BOTH physical as well as spiritual in nature (i.e. physical reptilian beings empowered and energized by malevolent spiritual or supernatural entities) such movie or serial representations of the "cosmic conflict" should NOT be seen as "instruction manuals" for this ancient "war" with the saurians. The best "instruction manual" for this warfare is of course found in the divine revelation as it is incarnate in the Judeo-Christian "Bible". Any other means of attempting to fight this threat have and will continue to prove futile. As we have said earlier, this in not just a physical battle, but a para-physical one involving both physical as well as spiritual warfare...similar to that which was practiced by the armies of King David, who saw the need to engage in both physical as well as spiritual warfare against the self-corrupted serpent-and-demon-worshipping pagan armies who sought to conquer them.

From ancient times, man has been aware that there has been a power or a force which was and is intent on destroying humanity as a whole, although in many cases they have been unable to put their finger on just 'what' was behind this conspiracy to orchestrate this destruction of human society. This lack of discernment of reality on the part of humanity is one of the enemy's major strategies, since the serpent races attempt to blind and confuse the nations of the earth as to the true nature, and in fact the very existence, of their warfare-subversion- invasion-infiltration of human society. The threat however is very real and must be treated by the "human resistance" as a real and potentially deadly threat.

(end of part 5)

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