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Another account dealing with subsurface phenomena and creatures appeared in the June, 1945 issue of AMAZING STORIES, in a letter submitted to that magazine by Jerry LaPriore (at the time) of 2024 Pleasant St., Fall River, Mass. The letter stated:

"You asked for stories that might relate to... the caves. My mother was told this story by an old man who said it was true as truth itself: This man and a friend were hunting, agreeing this time to go to a portion of the wood's to which they did not normally go. They saw a deer and gave chase. It jumped through a clump of bushes and they followed--to find themselves unaccountably in the strangest surroundings. They were in a huge cavern that had numerous passageways leading from it. Before them was a monster-like man they thought was the Devil himself. The monster stared, and the two men stared back. One of them fainted from fear, and the man who told my mother the story dragged the other away in panic, and as he did so, found himself just as mysteriously in the forest again. The old man's friend died a week later as a result of the shock he had suffered. The old man tried later to find the cave again, but failed. I know this story is true because my mother does not tell fairy tales and because she believes it."

The previous letters appeared in the wake of the so-called "Shaver Mystery" which occupied the pages of AMAZING STORIES Magazine throughout the years 1945-1950. The "mystery" was based on the writings of a welder by the name of Richard S. Shaver, who had written several admittedly science fact-fiction stories after his initial manuscript A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN (which was re-written into "science fiction" format by A.S. editor Ray Palmer) originally appeared in AMAZING STORIES. These stories dealt with an underground world inhabited by human-like people called "Tero's" and their mortal enemies - grotesque, inhuman creatures called "Dero's". Both of these "races" allegedly had access to ancient "recovered" technologies including a machine which supposedly projected encephalographic thought-waves via rays electronically over long distances. Richard Shaver claimed to have visited this subterranean realm only once physically - entering via row-boat through a shore-side cave hidden in a bay somewhere east of Washington D.C. Incidentally, as we've indicated elsewhere, there are accounts which allege that an entire system of ancient "Atlantean" tunnels with extremely hard, glazed linings have been discovered beneath the D.C. area, and that these ultimately lead to an ancient "Atlantean" subterranean complex which some say was in ancient times, and is still now, known as "NOD" - could this be a reference to the descendants of Cain? - see: Gen. 4:13-16 and also the book "WEIRD AMERICA", by Jim Branden., (E.P. Dutton & Co., N.Y. 1978). Shaver claims that while visiting his "Tero" friends in their underground city they were suddenly and without warning attacked by a group of several "Dero" who wielded beam-like weapons, yet Shaver himself for reasons unknown was spared. After the attackers left, and after he realized that all of his "friends" in the underground city were dead, Shaver allegedly then left the subterranean realm the way he came and never physically returned. This was the only physical and tangible encounter Shaver claimed to have had.

After this, he says, the "inspiration" for his stories came in the form of messages received from these "thought-projection" machines. His stories, however, became much more confused and occult after this, and even anti-Christian in nature. Although we certainly do not doubt Shaver's former sincerity (he passed away in the mid-1970's) nor his intentions, from various indications we must make the definite conclusion that the "voices" which he heard thereafter did not originate from the "tero's" utilizing thought-projection machines but actually from sources far more infernal, and perhaps reptilian, in nature - which were in fact masquerading as "Tero's". In other words - not denying Shaver's original encounter - the powers of darkness, we believe, began manipulating Shaver in order to spread confusion and disinformation about this underground realm and it's inhabitants, the reality of which (if we are to believe certain sources referred to earlier in these reports) was beginning to become known by certain groups on the surface such as secret societies, deep-level government agencies, and people such as George A. Lehew, Jerry LaPriore, and hundreds of others who were having physical encounters or knew of physical encounters with the outskirts of this "nether" world. Could this have been the reason that "they" spared Shaver? Is it possible that they cunningly intended to use someone to spread false information about the subterranean regions when in fact that person actually believed in the "information" he was receiving?

We in all fairness must state that Shaver accuses RAYMOND A. PALMER of taking his writings such as the original "A WARNING TO FUTURE MAN" (describing an imminent invasion of the surface by a malevolent subterranean race) and "rewriting" it in the form of the novelette "I REMEMBER LEMURIA". Shaver alleges that Palmer took his writings and expanded them into a science-fiction-occult format so that the original essay would be acceptable to his science-fiction audience and gain wider exposure. If this was the case then Palmer and Shaver's plan may have backfired since many mis-led souls, aware of the basic truths of the cavern world, began flocking to AMAZING STORIES, believing every word of Shaver's re-written stories. Even though Shaver was apparently convinced that the stories he received via mental projection or the so-called "thought-machines" were true, they nevertheless contained many occult, confused and contradictory ideas even before he sent them on to Palmer. However Palmer must also be implicated in this if Shaver is correct in his allegations that Palmer "occultized" his writings even more, and that Palmer also added the idea that the stories were based on "racial memories", among several other alterations. Perhaps Palmer was the one most responsible for squandering what might have potentially been a singular opportunity to educate the masses about the underground realm and the activities taking place there, and the affect some of that activity had upon the every-day lives of surface humanity. How much of the present travesty taking place in the government-alien scenario might have been avoided if the uncorrupted TRUTH were known in the 1940's when the "Shaver Mystery" was hitting the news-stands and molding the thinking of literally tens of thousands of AMAZING STORIES readers? The very methods used by Shaver and Palmer to "warn" the human race about this subject to some extent did just the opposite and brought ridicule on the whole field of "paraspeleological" research. Many of Palmer's obviously fictionalized and implausible "additions" to Shaver's writings, originally intended to make the subject "palatable" to the mass readership, may have in fact had an adverse affect.

If then Shaver was being used as an unwitting "disinformation agent", then why would these powers of darkness - the serpent races and their demonic allies - wish to hide the truth concerning, if not the very existence of, such a nether region from surface society? We believe that the reasons are obvious. Although not all, much of this nether "world" is being used by the "infernals" as a base of operations in their ages-old "Cosmic Conspiracy" or conflict with the Creator and the souls- conscience of mankind. The less we on the surface know about their existence and activities, the better it will be for their hellish cause. Shaver and Palmer as we said may have been unknowing pawns who were being used to not only spread disinformation but also to bring others under the supernatural influence of these dark powers by encouraging the readers to attempt to establish "thought-contact" with these underground races by means which have in the past been attributed to witchcraft and the occult. Many of the researchers involved in compiling these files personally know of several people who have had their lives all but destroyed by taking "their" advice and, via occult methods, have attempted to contact these underworld beings via psychic or telepathic means. And after having done so have become oppressed, tormented or even possessed by beings who are absolutely malignant in nature and insensitive to humanities welfare. Also, mental illness, schizophrenia, and even suicide is not unheard of among those who have decided through occult or witchcraft-related means to open up their spirits to any or all paraphysical beings which may be inhabiting the ether around them, in hopes of tapping-in to some benevolent subterranean beings' thought-beam.

We will state here that if anyone is seeking to make their life easier by joining up with an advanced race of technological beings, whether subterrestrial or extraterrestrial, they will be disappointed, as there is no single place in the universe outside of Eternal Paradise itself where one will be completely free from the relentless attacks of the powers of darkness and their insatiable attempts to devour life and vitality wherever they may find it. This is something any society has to deal with, no matter how technologically sophisticated they may be. Physical technology cannot solve non-physical or spiritual problems. Palmer's deeply occult philosophies are evidenced by the fact that he went on to create FATE and SEARCH magazine(s) which, although occasionally providing some useful information, nevertheless propounded the "virtues" of witchcraft, spiritism and the occult. Our Creator was not being insensitively strict when He warned us to stay away from dealings with the occult or the supernatural outside of his protection. He gave this command for our own good, so that we would not end up as the degenerate spiritual slaves to infernal creatures that are ever seeking to gain control of our spiritual nature. In Deuteronomy chapter 18: vs. 10-11 we read:

"There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (child or human sacrifice), or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

"Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer."

In spite of the Shaver - Palmer controversy, there actually have been other accounts which have described alleged PHYSICAL encounters with the underground realm, as well as with beings known as the "dero" and the "tero". It is uncertain whether Shaver intended to describe the "dero" as a runaway race of antediluvian, perhaps infernally controlled, self-perpetuating androids; or as non-human reptilian beings; or as a race of mind- controlled human sorcerers. All three groups have apparently come under the term "dero" in Shaver's stories (and the accounts concerning them which have been related by others), possibly due to the confusion resulting from the source from which Shaver received many of his alleged "revelations" as well as Palmer's own occult and science-fictionalized installments. Perhaps the term "dero" was meant to denote a more general de-generate state of being, rather than a particular entity!?

One account, for instance, which appeared in an early issue of CAVEAT EMPTOR magazine (P.O. Box 4553., Metuchen, NJ 08820- 4533), concerned a physical encounter with a HUMAN subterranean race. The account was related by an individual whose girlfriend 'Laressa' phoned him one night. She was quite shaken up and in tears, and told him that a friend of hers at school had invited her to go for a ride with her out into the countryside. This girl friend was somewhat strange, and a loner and would often disappear and be away from school for days or even weeks at a time. As they were driving in the countryside, according to 'Laressa', this girl drove the car right towards a hill and before she knew what was happening the hill opened up into an underground 'road' and they eventually found themselves right in the middle of an underground city. She went on to say that the city was used by the 'D-Forces', a human group who used the symbol of a 'wolf' (on jewelry, etc.), and who were in conflict with another human group called the 'T-Forces'. Both, she learned, possessed 'UFO' type craft, and the T-Forces were less powerful but were growing stronger day by day. This might tie-in with Shaver's "Dero's" and "Tero's".

Several years ago a man by the name of Steve Brodie claimed to have been abducted into an underground base in Arizona and later found himself walking the streets of New York City six months later with little or no memory of where he had been. Brodie told his story to researcher John J. Robinson, who related it on Long John Nebel's W.O.R. radio show in New York City. Before Brodie mysteriously disappeared again he had told Robinson that he had the feeling he was 'being watched'. His only recollection of the abduction was of being in a dungeon-like cavern in a cage-like enclosure with other humans who had told him that their captors (who wore dark, hooded capes) were known as the 'dero'. This name comes up again and again, but whether it refers to sorcerers, sauroids or synthetic beings is any ones guess. Perhaps as we've suggested all three are involved!? There have nevertheless been reports of 'possible' reptilian hominoids posing as human-like beings, such as the 'alien' described on p. 109 of John Keel's book 'THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES':

"I am an amateur herpetologist and once kept three-fanged cobras in my New York apartment... until my concerned neighbors squealed to the Board of Health. SOME OF THE DESCRIPTIONS OF THE ENTITIES IMPRESSED ME AS RESEMBLING SOME KIND OF REPTILE RATHER THAN HUMAN MAMMALS. I didn't mention the reptile notion to anyone. But on July 24, Lia (an alleged alien tied-in with the Men In Black) visited Jane (a contactee) and refused to talk about anything but eggs. She took some eggs from Jane's refrigerator and sucked out the contents like a reptile! Jane was perplexed by this exhibition and called me soon afterward." And on pp. 176-177 of Signet's 1975 paperback edition of 'MOTHMEN', in reference to this same 'contactee' Keel states: "...Meanwhile, Jane's phantom friends were visiting her daily and helpfully giving her surprising information about my own 'secret' investigations. My interview with the Christiansens of Cape May, and the details of their pill-popping visitor, Tiny, was then known only to a few trusted people like Ivan Sanderson. But on June 12, Mr. Apol and his friends (the being that called itself 'Lia', referred to above, apparently being from this same group - Branton) visited Jane when she was alone in her house and asked for water so they could take some pills. Then they presented her with three of the same pills, told her to take one at that moment, and to take one other in two days. The third pill, they said, was for her to analyze to assure herself it was harmless. They undoubtedly knew she would turn it over to me. Two hours after she took the first pill she came down with a blinding headache, her eyes became bloodshot, and her vision in her right eye was affected. When her parents came home they expressed concern because her eyes were glassy and her right eye seemed to have a cast. The sample pill proved to be a SULFA DRUG normally prescribed for infections of the urinary tract..." The possible significance of the "Sulfa" drugs will become apparent later on in these 'Files'.

Theodore Illion, in his book 'DARKNESS OVER TIBET', the inhabitants of an underground city beneath Tibet which the author claimed to have stumbled on. This underground community was allegedly ruled over by a powerful sorcerer who was part of an international secret society and who kept the inhabitants, many of whom were people who had 'disappeared' from the world above, under complete mind control to the point that they lacked any personality, their eyes were vacant and empty, and their lives were emotionless and drone-like, much like an ant colony. Or in other words, much like certain 'MIB'-like beings who have been encountered by UFO witnesses. This sorcerer was allegedly in contact with an infernal (reptilian?) race via a 'bottomless shaft' which descended through the city itself. Keep in mind the 'drone-like' aspect of certain people tied-in with alien activity, as it is a common threat than can be found in other caves involving UFO's, Conspiracies and Caverns.

These two accounts (Illion's and especially "Laressa's" account as given in CAVEAT EMPTOR) tend to confirm that two opposing (?) beliefs somewhat similar to the conflict between socialism on the left and fascism on the right, have caused a great deal of conflict between many HUMAN inhabitants of these nether regions. When we consider that socialism and fascism are apparently being manipulated by the same source, i.e. the Illuminati (which in turn as we've seen is ultimately controlled by the serpent race) in order to turn humanity against itself so they can more readily be kept under subjection and control; then is it possible that a similar scenario is taking place in human civilizations beneath the surface of this planet? There is evidence that the Illuminati is not only aware of the existence of these subsurface communities (for instance the subterranean connection apparently existing beneath the Masonic U.S. headquarters of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite located in the "House of the Temple" within Washington D.C.) but is intricately involved in manipulating it's affairs as it has done in surface society. So we see how it may be possible that the entire planet, whether surface or subsurface societies, may be subject to Reptilian - serpent cult - Illuminati manipulation via the Jesuit-Rosicrucian-Masonic movements.

The CAVEAT EMPTOR account, as well as many others which have been gathered by various writers, seems to indicate that these two "factions" which largely exist among the subterranean civilizations are known as the T-Forces (Tero's) and the D-Forces (Dero's). Each of these apparently "worship" either the positive or negative aspects of the electromagnetic "force", possibly similar to the so-called "light side" and the "dark side" of the "force" as depicted in the STAR WARS series. We realize that this concept may sound rather strange to us on the surface, but when we realize that intense electromagnetic currents may exist deep beneath the earth then it is entirely possible that any human civilization which might inhabit those regions may attempt to utilize this energy source to the point of utter dependence. If this is the case, then both of these groups would not be worshipping "God" in the Judeo-Christian sense, but rather a form of pantheistic nature-worship, the worship of CREATED FORCES RATHER THAN THE ONE WHO CREATED THOSE FORCES. This is not to say that ALL who inhabit these regions adhere to this peculiar belief system.

There have been several accounts concerning individuals who have encountered human beings - some who spoke the native language and others who spoke a language entirely foreign - within deep underground tunnels and caverns. There are many such cases, but we will refer to only one of these at this point (and will reserve the others for later in the text), an incident which may be one the most well-known and most well-documented accounts of this type:

Sometime during the 12 century, a monastic chronicler in England by the name of "Gervase of Tilbury" recorded a strange account of two "children" who suddenly appeared near a small town near Bury St. Edmunds, England. The account was also recorded in the writings of several other chroniclers who lived at the time or sometime afterwards. These include: William of Newbury - HISTORIA RERUM ANGLICARUM, written in Yorkshire, England (1136-1198?); Abbot Ralph of Coggeshall - CHRONICON ANGLICARUM; and also the chroniclers Giraldus Cambrensis and Walsingham. The account was more recently related in FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED, by Harold T. Wilkins (Citadel Press., New York, N.Y. 1955., pp. 97-98). From their combined accounts we can piece together the following bizarre story which the chroniclers swore to be true.

One warm, sunny day in the 12th century some farmers and other residents of the small town of Wolfpittes, England - some seven miles distant from the larger village of Burry St. Edmunds - were startled to see two young children wandering around as if disoriented in some ancient "pits" or "trenches" known to the locals as the "Wolf-Pitts", after which the small village had taken it's name. These excavations were ancient, but no one seemed to know when or by whom they were dug, but the consensus was that they were at least partly artificial, and very ancient. The most shocking thing about the children, which the residents of Wolfpittes encountered, was that they had skin which was olive-green in colour, yet the rest of their features were as human as the average Englishman.

The villagers attempted to communicate with the children but were unsuccessful as they soon discovered that the young boy and girl spoke a language which was completely unfamiliar to the villagers. The townspeople had compassion on the children and took them to the village and offered them various different kinds of food, all of which they seemed unfamiliar with and which they refused. However, when they were shown some beanstalks, they took them greedily, but instead of opening the bean-pods, the children attempted to open the stalks themselves, as if they had been accustomed to opening stalks in this way (apparently a practice they had learned in the land from which they emerged). Upon finding nothing in the stalks, the children began to weep. Unfortunately, the shock of entering our world was too much for the young boy, and even though he became partly acclimated to other forms of food, he nevertheless became weaker and weaker and finally died a few years afterwards. The young girl, however, adjusted quite well to her new surroundings. In fact she eventually grew into a mature, beautiful woman, and later married a gentleman from the nearby town of Kings Lynn. As time passed, her husband patiently instructed her in the complexities of the English language, and soon she was able to communicate fairly well, and the story she told of where she had come from and how she had arrived in our "world" with her brother was even more incredible.

She told her husband that her people all had skin similar to hers, or rather to what her skin had once been like, as over a period of years the greenish tinge had left her. She described her world as a cavernous, subterranean country of enormous size, a country which went by the name of "St. Martin's Land." The land in which she lived was described as "twilight" in nature, yet there was a large underground river, on the other side of which there was another land more brightly lit. One day, she and her brother were herding some type of underground animal when they heard something like the sound of "bells" emerging from one of the cave passages or tunnels which lined the perimeter of this underground land. Out of extreme curiosity, they entered this tunnel and followed the passage upwards for what could have been a few days, although in their underground land they probably did not have any concept of what "day" or "night" was. After their long and weary journey up the steep incline they suddenly emerged into the brilliant sunlight of the British countryside. The change from their twilight world was dramatic, and the children walked around in the pits or trenches starved, half-blinded and disoriented. They shortly afterwards attempted to re-locate the small opening through which they had emerged, but were unable to do so, because of the blinding light. At about this point the farmers found them and took them to the village.

A somewhat similar incident "may" have been repeated in the small hamlet of Banjos (or Banos) Spain in August of 1887, several hundred years after the incident at Wolfpittes and several hundred miles distant. We state that it MAY have been repeated to some degree simply because there seems to be some confusion surrounding the Banjos account, apparently due to the possibility that some well-meaning researcher may have confused the two incident, in essence attributing some of the events that in fact took place near Wolfpittes with the Banjos account. Basically, the Banjos incident reportedly had to do with two children who emerged from a CAVERN near the town (not "pits" or "excavations"), spoke an unknown language, and so on, although the details are sketchy. Some of the accounts of the Banjos incident repeat the Wolfpittes story almost verbatim, as if, as we said, someone somewhere mistakenly confused the two incidents, perhaps due to a lack of detail in the Banjos, Spain account. Whatever the case, it seems that SOMETHING of this general nature also occurred in this Spanish hamlet, even though the exact sources of the story are much more difficult to trace than are the sources for the Wolfpittes account. Paris Flammonde refers to this account in his book: THE AGE OF FLYING SAUCERS (Hawthorn Books, N.Y., p. 197), having learned it from an article in the September, 1967 issue of ORBIT Magazine, which in turn gave credit to an article in the Vol. XII, August 1967 issue of Dan Fry's UNDERSTANDING Magazine. Fry claimed that he got the story from an article by John Macklin which appeared in the December, 1966 issue of GRIT Magazine. The account also appears in John Macklin's book STRANGE DESTINIES (Ace Books., N.Y.); Jacques Bergier's LES EXTRA-TERRESTRES; and also appeared in the British periodical WEEKEND, on July 22, 1970.

(end of part 3)

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