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Cult of the Serpent - part 1 of 5
Crim-Ram Series FILE NO. 003
by Branton

What do the following names all have in common: Dennis Brunnell, Stan Deyo, William Cooper, Bill Hamilton, Val Valerian, 'Commander X' and Robert Lazar? They all allege that the following scenario is a reality... Ever since the so-called "end" of the NASA moon shots the U.S. "secret" government has been involved in covert manned space exploration of this solar system utilizing super-advanced technologies which are so revolutionary that the secret government has chosen to tell the public little or nothing about it. Some of these sources even claim that an inner core of this "secret government" have in the past worked hand-in-claw with a race of hominoid-sauroid reptilian beings who have given these human "elite" technology and power (over their fellow man) in exchange for certain powers and influences which this secret government or "serpent cult" gave these alien beings over the masses of humanity. There are allegedly other human groups, native to earth and much more ancient, who left this planet in ancient times after obtaining similar technologies. Some of these ancient and modern groups "sold out" to this alien race in exchange for technology (as in the case of the so-called MIB's or Men In Black), while others developed such technologies of their own initiative (as in the case of many of the human "alien" races who are often referred to as the "Nordics").

As for the covert space operations that are being carried out by various top-secret organizations within the U.S. government, they are based on a combination of "alien" technology recovered from numerous crash-retrievals of aerial disks, while other aspects are based on prototype and state-of-the-art Military-Industrial technologies developed by well-known U.S. companies. These advanced technologies include anti-gravity generators and electromagnetic propulsion systems and massive top-secret space efforts which have largely been financed through deception and through hundreds of billions of dollars which have generously (although unknowingly) been provided via 'Black' budgets by hard-working American taxpayers.

Dennis Brunnell, a 33rd degree Mason and a Grandmaster in the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) had become "dis- illusioned" by the Illuminati's present activities. Originally believing that the Illuminati was a mystic lodge designed to illuminate one into mystical heights of ascended awareness, he eventually learned that such metaphysical talk was just so much hot air designed to gain the willing assistance of lower-ranking "lodge" members, who were unknowingly being manipulated into serving the hypocritical, self-seeking and self-serving imperialistic goals of a relatively small inner core of "illumined" members.

Some years ago a man by the name of John Todd, a member of a family who were high-level and generational members of a druidic witchcraft cult, alleged that through his occult contacts he was chosen to be initiated into a deep-level Illuminati lodge. He claimed that in doing so he had to "unlearn" much of the wiccan philosophies which he was taught at a young age. These occult teachings were merely a means, he soon found out, of this inner core of initiates to control the lower ranks of the lodge. This inner core, which consisted of 13 individuals, were (he claims) THE LEADERS of all the large wiccan/witchcraft organizations AS WELL AS the leaders of World Freemasonry. These men controlled BOTH movements from their lofty positions, along with much of the world's drug trafficking, and had powerful influence in world economic and political movements. Mr. Todd soon learned that this inner core were continually fearful that the lower-ranking members of the occult societies would turn against "them" if the lower members ever found out that this inner council were merely using these "lower pawns" to increase their own wealth and their god-like power and authority over the rest of humanity. The Rothschilds of London, he also learned, were at the very heart of this conspiracy, along with the Jesuits in Rome. The Rothschilds were considered to be "human gods" by many occultists and, according to Mr. Todd, were in constant communication with "Lucifer", who they themselves considered to be god. There are also indications, as we will give later in these texts, that they were/are also in contact with the serpent race as well, which would make them an integral part of the "serpent cult".

Dennis Brunnell, John Todd and in fact millions of former Communists, realized that there was an incredible contradiction between what these world socialists were telling their "followers" and what these inner elite were actually practicing. The connection we make between Illuminism and Communism (which is still very strong in mainland China) is no coincidence, as both are socialist movements. Also, according to well-known geo-political analysts such as Dr. John Coleman, Karl Marx himself had known ties with 33rd degree Masonry and the Jesuit Order. As for John Todd, he later "defected" from this secret lodge after he "suggested" to the other members that in light of recent events the prophecies of the Bible should be studied. Their answer to this, he claims, was a murderous stare from most if not all of the other members of this council of 13. He believes he was lucky he got out of there alive. These men, apparently, did not even want to consider the possibility that the Holy Bible could be true, for they knew well enough that it was against every imperialistic and deceitful practice that they were involved in. John Todd later became a Christian and spoke to various audiences around the country until, according to some sources, he was later assassinated.

Brunnell alleged that some within the Illuminati were so heartless as to believe that their socialist "World Order" must be brought about even if the orchestrating of wars, etc., had to be accomplished in order to create the conditions necessary for establishing it... or, in other words, that the end justified the means. These lost souls were and are apparently convinced that they have the divine right to decide the fate of nations, and that the masses of humanity exist for no other reason than to serve their cause. They consider themselves "gods" and the rest of humanity as "mere mortals". So much for the end-result of the false promise that was given to man by the serpent race as revealed in Genesis chapter 3, which was that men could be as gods, and that the creature could be independent from or equal to the Creator. The serpent race knew full well that the dis-connection of man from their trust and reliance in the Godhead would result in lost power and dominion over the earth and the beasts, including the serpent race, and as a result the reptilians could take control of that which mankind forfeited, including man himself! Since that ancient time the saurians have been able to find those among humanity who would be willing to believe their false promises in exchange for temporary physical gains.

One of Dennis Brunnell's "Gemstone" research papers (which also described the Mafia-CIA-oil company connection to the John F. Kennedy assassination, confirming the original "Gemstone" reports of Bruce Roberts) included a scenario developed by Kissinger and other Illuminists in the early 1980's or before. This scenario showed one such proposed plan as to how war could be used to bring the United States - the last obstacle standing in the way of absolute Illuminati rule of the world - into subjection to the one-world Socialist state. This scenario, possibly one of many developed, was in the form of a speech given by a U.S. president. George Bush was sited as a very possible candidate to this "speech" (This was years before Bush became vice president, which suggests that Brunnell was in fact tapped-into some very sensitive information). It was basically written as a possible emergency address to the nation which would supposedly take place after years of American involvement in an - Illuminati orchestrated? - war in the Middle East. The scenario continued as "the President" informs the nation that, due to the long drawn-out (Korea/Vietnam like no-win) war which has depleted our national resources, a certain Executive Order was to be issued for the "good" of the nation which would result in practically ALL PRIVATE AGENCIES coming under the absolute control of the Federal Government. In short, according to this scenario, if such a plan was carried out then the entire nation could be brought under absolute socialist control in one night.

Such a scenario may not be too far-fetched when we realize the following:

1) George Bush was, during his years at Yale University, initiated into the "Skull & Bones" society, also known as the "Brotherhood of Death". According to prominent political and financial analysts such as Antony Sutten, there is much documentation to suggest that Skull & Bones is nothing less than a Western branch of the Bavarian Illuminati, designed to recruit highly-educated individuals into serving it's cause;

2) George Bush served as THE DIRECTOR of the CIA for several years, which, according to various sources, is actually serving the one-world movement;

3) Bush has very close ties with one-world organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations or C.F.R., Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Alpine Institute, etc.;

4) Before Ronald Reagan "chose" a running mate, according to the late Gary Allen, he was approached at a political convention by the duo of Walter Cronkite and Henry Kissinger, both alleged Illuminists, and "strongly encouraged" to choose George Bush as his running mate as Bush was well-favored by the International Banking Establishment of Wallstreet;

5) The Bush family is very rich and are heavily involved in high-profit, offshore oil drilling companies.

6) Also, when news of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait - where the Bush family's oil business had some vested interests - reached America, George Bush was at the one-world "Aspen" Institute of Colorado visiting with Margaret Thatcher. Bush's decision to rally the nations together by sending our young men and women to fight and die for the "New World Order", was based on "advice" he received from officials at the one-world Aspen Institute. Although "Operation Desert Storm" was a well-planned and well master-minded attack, the fact nevertheless remains that we were fighting to defend the "New World Order" and the oil interests (whereas we only get a very small percentage of our oil from Kuwait) and not to defend the constitutional United States. This war was a two-sided event. Even though the motive may have been other than in harmony with America's best interests in that (like Korea and Vietnam) it was fought FOR the Socialist-oriented United Nations; some good nevertheless came out of it, in essence, that America was able to defend ISRAEL from an aggressive enemy, something which Almighty God most likely honored. However the target, Saddam Hussain, escaped free while tens of thousands of his subjects, so many pawns in a huge game of chess, had to pay the price with their lives. As the Word of God says, "evil shall slay the wicked" (Psalm 34:21). This may in part apply to Iraq, the land of ancient Babylon (the ancient city where the one-world movement and all occult movements had their genesis) which in a strange twist of fate was "judged" by the very oppressive movement which it created. Notice also Bush's constant references to the "New World Order" - a concept which is a mockery of the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE which our forefathers shed their blood to defend. True, we must as a nation not ignore the rest of the world, yet at the same time we should not surrender ourselves to the rest of the world either, but preserve the American Republic as a bastion of Freedom to which the oppressed of ALL NATIONS can take refuge.

The reason we are so critical of this particular presidency is because we believe that the secret government - utilizing it's influence in mass-media control, MANIPULATED Bush into office in a direct perversion of the electoral process. In other words, through the fantastic media power which they wielded, the one-worlders snuffed out the competition. We realize that it is Biblical to honor the governing officials, yet this is only to the EXTENT that the governing powers submit to the Almighty governing power of the Universe, God Himself. Elijah criticized the ancient King Ahab for this very reason, because he was leading the nation of Israel astray into Baal worship. Unfortunately, King Ahab and George Bush may have had a lot in common. We would rather hope that the opposite were true, but facts are facts. However, we must not fall into the trap of pointing the finger at any one person, as Bush happens to be only one link in a very large and very powerful "secret government" chain which, as we have seen, has sold out much of this planet to "The Beast". Bush, like many misled "insiders", was no doubt largely a product of his environment, as well as a member of a generational "Establishment" family, and more-or-less a puppet or voicebox of secret government policy. This fact should be taken into account, as well as the fact that the major "enemy" is the draconian influence as it exists in and behind the secret government establishment. There were, nevertheless, less-than- honorable motives on the part of the United States in it's decision to fight in the Gulf War (see: YOUTH ACTION NEWS - Oct. 1990., Box 312., Alexandria, VA 22313 - this source gives much evidence that Bush and Company more-or-less "encouraged" the Kuwaiti invasion and, when faced with irrefutable proof that such an invasion was coming, did absolutely nothing to warn the Kuwaitis or the Iraqis against such an invasion. Was Bush and Company willing to risk the lives of thousands of people just so his One World Government could be established and a "trial run" of the global U.N. Police Force could be initiated?).

According to Dr. John Coleman (World Intelligence Review., Box 426., Metairie, LA 70004), the ancient Babylonian Serpent Cult, or what is known today as the "Illuminati" (33rd degree Freemasonry) is under the direct control of some very nefarious forces. Coleman in fact provides much evidence that 33rd degree Masonry has been used not only to infiltrate and take over many political, economic and religious institutions, but has also been used to "create" such institutions as well, organizations to which people will flock and submit their power and energies to unknowingly serve an agenda that they know nothing about. This was and is carried out through the 22 "Palladium" Lodges which, according to various sources, can be traced back to the Grand Masonic Lodge in England. According to Coleman and many others, the Grandmasters of Masonry AND of Jesuitism (i.e.the Illuminati) are working together in this conspiracy. In many cases the individuals involved are both Jesuits AND Masonic initiates. Such was the case of Guisseppi Mazzini, who was a Jesuit-Mason, and a satanist-witch to boot, and was second-in-command to the Masonic "Pontiff" Albert Pike - whose rotting remains now lie beneath the "House of the Temple" in Washington D.C. (see Dr. Coleman's tapes: CONSPIRACY CULTS AND THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and FREEMASONRY AND THE ONE WORLD CONSPIRACY).

Other works that may be very revealing along this line, as we indicated earlier, are the writings of former 33rd degree Mason and former Past Master of all Scottish-Rite Masonic bodies, the Rev. Jim Shaw. This is especially true with his book THE DEADLY DECEPTION (P.O. Box 884., Silver Springs, FL 32688). In this work Mr. Shaw exposes the blatant SERPENT worship secretly taking place within the Masonic HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE in Washington D.C. Mix this with the accounts of "Masonic" street-outlays built into Washington D.C. itself and accounts of tunnels beneath the city which connect many of the important Federal buildings and which allegedly extend to extreme depths and distances, then you have a recipe for something very strange and sinister which is undermining our nations capitol. No wonder the Christian-Patriots within the American Republic have had to fight "the enemy within" for so long with so little apparent results from their efforts.

Concerning Bush's one-world policies, we will quote here from a few letters to the editor which appeared in various issues of the UTAH COUNTY JOURNAL, as confirmation of some of the statements which we have previously made. One letter, appearing in the April 30, 1991 issue of the U.C.J., stated:

"Editor: The April-May '91 issue of COMMON CAUSE reports that the first successful exploration for oil in Kuwait was done by the Zapata Oil Co., of which current President George Bush was a founder and director. The President's son, George W. Bush, is now the third largest insider stockholder in another off-shore oil drilling company located in Bahrain, 15 miles from Saudi Arabia. This is Harken Energy Corp., with its home base in Bedford, Texas.

"Does this information explain the Rambo-like "hurry up" war in Kuwait? Does it explain marked shifts in acceptance or castigation of Saddam Hussein? Does it offer an explanation for the terrible destruction of the Kuwait oil fields and Persian Gulf waters? Do these two leaders really have the welfare of their respective peoples at heart? I would give anything to read one of the history books on this war written 25-50 years hence. - Eugene J. Faux; Provo."

And in the Feb. 26, 1991 issue of the same publication:

"Editor: In the Feb. 12 issue of the JOURNAL an obviously well-intentioned lady suggested that we pray for President Bush because he has 'awesome responsibilities.'

"He has, indeed, many awesome responsibilities: a responsibility to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution; a responsibility to weed out those in our government who, by intent or neglect, work to undermine the Republican form of government given to us by our founding fathers; a responsibility to tell the American people the TRUTH about the incredible, rapidly escalating national debt and what the debt will mean to our children and our children's children 'unto the seventh generation' and beyond. He also has a responsibility to expose the hypocrisy of those who are working diligently to bring about a new constitutional convention, supposedly to propose one or two new amendments, while they already have entire new constitutions written and waiting. - Albert V. Burns; Spanish Fork."

Another letter which appeared in the UTAH COUNTY JOURNAL during the Bush-Iraq controversy, Mar. 5 1991 issue, stated:

"Editor: Mrs. (Colleen D.) brought up a very good point about my criticism of George Bush and his New World Order agenda. Rightfully, as a leader of a nation, he might be considered exempt from censure for any mistakes that he might make through oversight or a lack of proper information. Unfortunately, this is far from the case with Bush.

"Sadly, the president is very cognizant of his actions and exactly where these actions are speedily leading us - to a world government ruled by elitist insiders. History can conclude nothing less than this result. For a complete analysis of Bush, his political history, and his leadership of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, I enthusiastically recommend the new book on George Bush - THE ESTABLISHMENT MAN, available through The John Birch Society. Well documented, this book will put to rest any remaining praises for our chief executive.

"In fact, my critique of the executive is founded upon my patriotism, not turning against it. President Teddy Roosevelt stated: "Patriotism means to stand by the country. IT DOES NOT MEAN TO STAND BY THE PRESIDENT OR ANY OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIAL SAVE EXACTLY TO THE DEGREE IN WHICH HE HIMSELF STANDS BY THE COUNTRY. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country." As Bush has repeatedly violated his oath to defend the Constitution, I will continue to patriotically reproach his intentions.

"As for being in the White House when Bush sent National Security Adviser Brant Scowcroft and Deputy Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger to Beijing immediately and secretly after the Tienamen Square massacre, no, I was not present when he made that call. That's why we have the press. The White House announced that such was the case on Dec. 18, 1989, to anyone listening. Such betrayal of freedom-fighters is par for the course when we look at Bush's policy toward other people seeking liberty, but receiving only his true objective: World despotism in his New World Order. - Bruce J. Martin."

In relation to the above concern of whether we should unquestioningly trust our elected (?) heads of state, it is interesting that of all the presidents which have been in the White House since the assassination of John F. Kennedy (which many allege was actually an Illuminati-inspired coup), EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have been supportive of the one-world government movement as it is incarnate in the Council of Foreign relations and allied global organizations. Coincidence?

Finally, we have this letter from the September 18, 1990 issue of the same publication:

"Editor: In his September address to the nation, President Bush stated his five objectives for the massive deployment of U.S. troops. The fifth is the fundamental reason for this operation. As Mr. Bush stated himself, "The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward a historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders."

"The U.N. 'founders' included U.S. communist traitor, Alger Hiss, who was the acting secretary general of the conference in San Francisco in 1945. Hiss was accompanied by a contingent of U.S. communists and a swarm of Council on Foreign Relations members. The communists wanted world government by revolution and the others wanted it by way of socialism. In either case, these individuals did not want national sovereignty of the kind fought for by our founding fathers.

"The fundamental difference between a "new world order" under the United Nations and an independent United States are nowhere clearly indicated than in our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE affirmation that "men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights." The UN's total exclusion of God means that rights do not come from God, (but) that they proceed from government, and government can and will take them away.

"Our country has suffered in the past from U.N. decisions and action. U.N. advocates gave away all the gains our fighting men bled and died for in Europe and Asia after World War II. We fought Korea and Vietnam under U.N. sanction and command with victory denied even though over 100,000 men lost their lives and hundreds of thousands were wounded (in addition to this, several sources allege that communist nationals working within the U.N. constantly betrayed U.S. positions and strategies to their allies in North Korea, and repeated this betrayal during the Vietnam conflict as well. It is a fact that the MAJORITY of the "United" Nations Secretary Generals have also been communist nationals - Branton). Nixon and Kissinger operating under "new world order" dictates gave South Vietnam to the communist enemy after our military fought so valiantly even with the treasonous restrictions imposed on them.

(end of part 1)

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