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Gun Control and the New World Order

Gun Control and the New World Order


You can check the following item out very quickly at the Library of Congress, or at any large metropolitan reference library, and I can promise you that it won't be time wasted!

Ask for a copy of VOLUME 9 of the 1982 EDITION [not the current, replacement edition] of the U.S. CODE. Turn to page 554, where you'll find the beginning of PUBLIC LAW # 87-297 [1961]. This law was signed by President Kennedy in 1962, has received 18 subsequent updates, and its provisions have been steadily implemented by every President since. It calls for the elimination of U.S. national forces and further declares that "no one may possess a firearm or lethal weapon except police or military personnel".

The progressive steps in its implementation are:

•the reduction of the U.S. Armed Forces to 2.1 million personnel.

•their irrevokable merger with Russian and Chinese forces, in two stages, to form a World Army [50% of total U.S. force strength will be merged in the first stage; the remaining 50% in the second stage].

•the irrevokable surrender of authority over such forces to the U.N. Secretary-General [who already has a military planning staff of 80 general officers].

•the confiscation of all privately-held firearms.

This law is taught and explained in the National War College, and the various U.S. Armed Forces Academies. The New World Order will require an Army: this is it, and presumably the U.S. itself [and Canada!] could then find itself policed by foreign troops under the U.N. flag. By agreement, the commander of this army must always be a Russian! [See below for documentation on this astonishing fact]

The relevant pages and sections are: page 554; page 555 [lower right-hand side of page: defines "disarmament" as elimination of U.S. Forces and calls for absolute restrictions on privately-owned "deadly weapons"]; page 557, sections [a] and [d] [again, require U.S. to eliminate its Armed Forces]; page 558 deals with "policy formulation" [i.e. the accomplishment of these goals]. George Bush said that the passing of authority to the Secretary-General was "in transition"; the Supreme Court has already ruled that the U.S. Constitution and its provisions stand UNDER the U.N. Charter and the Resolutions of the United Nations. The U.S. Armed Forces are acting as the U.N.'s "world policeman" in the interim.

The provisions of this law are further explained in STATE DEPARTMENT PUBLICATION 72-77, which itself is published in unabridged form in the 35-page "BLUEPRINT FOR THE PEACE RACE", published by U.S. ARMS CONTROL AND DISARMAMENT AGENCY [PUBLICATION #4, GENERAL SERIES #3, MAY 1962],. I'm sure you find this hard to believe, but it's all there in black and white; read it for yourself! The implications are staggering but the multiple military base closings around the U.S take on a new perspective when you see the agenda which that law commits the U.S. government to follow! Another small tip is that new issues of uniforms [e.g. the new Air Force uniform] reportedly have no "U.S." insignia. Canadian politicians are operating in lockstep with their U.S. counterparts on all of these issues, including gun control [UPDATE: a 1995 law now requires all 7 million rifles, etc., in Canada to be registered by 2003 - failure to comply will be a serious criminal offense. Many Canadians rightly see this as the prelude to later wholesale gun confiscation]

Please do go and read these documents for yourself. It's astonishing, but it's exactly as I've described it to you. The North American Free Trade Agreement is a small but vital part of something much bigger - first Continental Union then World Federalism!

Don't be misled by the wording of "Policy Formulation" on page 558 in volume 9, U.S. CODE, 1982. It was re-written in 1963 to pacify objectors, and forbids removal of firearms from the populace or reduction in national armed strength "unless it is pursuant to the treaty-making power of the President or authorised by legislation of the Congress"! The U.N Charter is regarded as an already-binding treaty, so all that is required is a U.N. Resolution or Congressional legislation to ban all "citizen" armaments. George Bush's father, Preston, helped push this law [87-297] through Congress. One of the experts on it is ex-State Senator Bernadine Smith [Box 1776, HANFORD, CALIFORNIA 93232], who resisted it bitterly, and knows its contents and intent as well as anybody. Or you could just call the National War College and ask innocently for more information on it!

Two interesting footnotes on PUBLIC LAW 87-297 [1961]:

•200 members of the Trilateral Commission had a late-March, 1993, meeting over several days in Washington, at which they discussed and agreed on the need for [guess what?] a New World Army and for U.N. sovereign control of individual states' immigration policies and decisions. On the evening of the 28th of March, their representatives dined with key U.S. government officials and presented these "recommendations", and then did the same thing over breakfast the next morning with Clinton. So here it comes! This will lead ultimately to an enormous concentration of power in very few hands.

•the BATF, as the "compliance and enforcement" arm of the Treasury Department [which has a CFR man heading it], has been unlawfully "compelling" gunshop owners across the U.S. to provide the names, addresses and zip codes of all "long gun" [rifle and shotgun] purchasers, when no legal requirement exists for this. They are apparently creating a computerised registry of ALL private weapons across the United States, by locality, street and house. Remember the confiscation rquirement for all weapons embodied in "A BLUEPRINT FOR THE PEACE RACE" and in STATE DEPARTMENT PUBLICATION # 72-77?

This law is still in the current edition of the U.S. Code, although the page numbers have been changed. You can find it fairly easily by checking the index to the U.S. Code.


When Alger Hiss [later accused of being a Soviet spy and and convicted and imprisoned for perjury] set up the United Nations. with his U.S. State Department colleagues, they established the U.N. DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL AND SECURITY AFFAIRS, which would have jurisdiction over ALL future U.N. military operations. Written into the fine print of the rules and regulations which govern the U.N. is the rule that the head of his U.N. department will always be a Soviet citizen, military officer, or person designated by the Soviets. This has been the case for the past 47 years, with the following 14 communist having chaired that vital U.N. post since 1946:

•1944-49 Arkady Sobolev
•1949-53 Konstantin Zinchenko
•1953-54 Ilya Tchernychev
•1954-57 Dragoslav Protitch
•1960-62 Georgy Arkadev
•1962-63 E.D. Kiselyv
•1963-65 V.P. Suslov
•1965-68 Alexei E. Nesterenko
•1968-73 Leonid N.Kutakov
•1973-78 Arkady N. Shevchenko
•1978-81 Mikhail D. Sytenko
•1981-86 Viacheslav A. Ustinov
•1987-90 Vasilly S. Safronchuk

All were Soviet citizens. If you think that "Communism is dead", you're in for a rude awakening! The names and faces have changed - not the politicians, parties, military hierarchies OR the vast Russian expenditures on military weaponry and material. And if you think that the "U.N. ARMY" will be benign, you'll quickly reconsider when foreign U.N. troops under, ultimately, Russian command are drafted into your neighbourhood to suppress dissent or "restore order" under the New World Order! They'll be armed, and YOU won't.

So you think that this is fanciful? Read this UPI news item, which appeared on 09/08/93.....


WASHINGTON: The United States and Russia signed an agreement Wednesday on military cooperation that provides for joint military maneuvers by the two former Cold War foes.

The Russian Defense Minister, General of the Army Pavel Grachev, who is visiting Washington, signed the memorandum of understanding with Defense Secretary Les Aspin at a Pentagon ceremony.

The agreement calls for the two sides to hold joint maneuvers that practice peacekeeping techniques.

The agreement also calls for annual meetings between Grachev and Aspin and their successors, exchanges between the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his Russian counterpart and a bilateral defense working group to formulate projects of Russian-American defense.

"This ceremony demonstrates again that the relationship between our two countries is undergoing historic transformation," Aspin said.

"As President Clinton and President Yeltsin said at their Vancouver summit meeting," he said, "we are establishing a strategic partnership," Aspin said. "It is a partnership in which military and defense relations play a leading role."

"Russia places its highest priority on its cooperation with the United States," Grachev said, "We promise to do all in our realize this agreement."

The Russian-American ground maneuvers will train the two sides in peacekeeping techniques. The first units to participate will be the U.S. 3rd Mechanized Infantry Division and the Russian 27th Motorized Rifle.

Both division commanders, U.S. Maj. Gen. Leonard Holder, Jr. and Russian Maj. Gen. Anatoliy Sidyakin, were on hand for the Pentagon ceremony.

"Our two commanders, right after the signing of this agreement, will sit down at a table and start working out a whole series of steps to make this all happen," Grachev said.

Both Grachev and Aspin said they wanted to establish a "hotline" between their respective defense establishments although provision for that was not actually in the agreement they signed.

In addition to joint peacekeeping exercises, the memorandum calls for annual meetings between Aspin and Grachev and their successors, exchanges between the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and his Russian counterpart and a bilateral working group to think up more projects for Russian-American military cooperation.

No date or place for the first joint Russian-American ground maneuver has yet been set.

Pressed on whether the exercise would be held this year, Grachev noted that the planning time needed for maneuvers of so large a scale would mean that if so, it would probably have to start during the [unclear]

"The 3rd Division commander," he joked, "said if it's OK with them, we can go to Siberia and hold them there."

One of the best, most detailed and readable books you can find on the topic of the New World Order is TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER, by Don McAlvany [see our THE NEW WORLD ORDER INTELLIGENCE UPDATE, which dealt with the elite COMMISSION FOR GLOBAL GOVERNANCE's 1995 Report "OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD", shows you what's coming - fast! A 1998 U.N.-sponsored World Conference On Global Governance is scheduled to review these "recommendations" and fully implement them world-wide by the year 2000!

"But it gets worse still; OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOOD smoothly presents this revolutionary principle:

"The sovereignty and territorial inviolability of nation states have been bedrock tenets of the world system. States have valued these as fundamental to the protection of their independence and legitimacy. Small and less powerful states in particular have seen in these principles their main defense against more powerful predatory countries, and they have looked to the world community to uphold these norms.

In an increasingly interdependent world in which old notions of territoriality, independence and intervention have lost some of their meaning, these traditional principles need to be adapted. Nations are having to accept that in certain fields, sovereignty has to be exercised collectively, particularly in relation to the global commons. The principle of sovereignty must be adapted in such a way as to balance the rights of states with the rights of people, and the interests of nations with the interests of the global neighbourhood."

Are you beginning to see the pattern here? "Governments - you don't have any control over anything significant now, so just go huddle with your citizens and share the "governance". States - before if someone invaded you, you could expect the world community to come to your rescue; but, now, if you try to back out of our new globalist system or stray out of line, it'll be the world community itself that will be doing the invading. And, states, just so that you're increasingly weakened to the point of non-resistance, we'll be busily telling your citizens that people are more important than states and referring to you as mere "nations". Oh, and welcome to the neighbourhood!"

Combined with its recommendations for global disarmament - except for the U.N., that is, which will retain an impressive, loyal and heavily-armed "Rapid Reaction Force" [aka "the New World Army"] which will leave states militarily helpless in the face of international aggression under the guise of "policing" - we find this reassuring recommendation:

"We must strive to ensure that the global neighbourhood of the future is characterized by law not lawlessness; by rules which all must respect...that none, even the most powerful, is above the law.

The absence of an international criminal court discredits the law...we would like to see an international criminal court instituted as a matter of the highest priority.

The enforcement powers of the international legal system must also be strengthened. The need for an efficient monitoring and compliance regime has become apparent over the years. One way forward is to make international law enforceable in domestic courts. In our global neighbourhood we must live by a new ethic that is underpinned by a culture of law."

"Failing voluntary compliance, Security Council enforcement of World Court decisions and other international legal obligations should be pursued."

And there will be no opting out, for:

"In an ideal world, acceptance of the compulsory jurisdiction of the World Court would be a prerequisite for U.N. membership."

And if you are a dissident or a resister of any sort - an "outlaw" in our new Global Neighbourhood - remember that "You can run, but you can't hide. In the coming Fourth Reich, we will busily monitoring and enforcing compliance everywhere!"

You won't have to wait long for this collectivist paradise, either: "Our recommendation is that the General Assembly should agree to hold a World Conference on Governance in 1998, with its decisions to be ratified and put into effect by 2000."

And who'll be paying for all of this? Why YOU will, of course - as we said, there's no free lunch in this nice new neighbourhood, just a whole bunch of heavily-enforced new responsibilities in exchange for a meagre handful of rights:

"A start must be made in establishing schemes of global financing of global purposes, including charges for the use of global resources such as flight lanes, sea lanes and ocean fishing areas and the collection of global revenues agreed globally and implemented by treaty.

An international tax on foreign currency transactions should be explored as one option, as should the creation of an international corporate tax base among multinational companies. It is time for the evolution of a consensus on the concept of global taxation for servicing the needs of the global neigbourhood."

Doesn't that make it sound wonderfully warm and folksy? As though you'll just be paying the U.N. to pick up your garbage each week? Well, don't forget that water and air are "global resources", as is living space; right now you get them for free, or almost for free. But get ready for the day when you pay a tax to grow carrots in your own back garden - that soil is a "global resource"; it belongs to the globe, not to you! It's the nature of taxes to both grow and creep, even as they level and impoverish. If you think that your living standard has declined now, wait until these new taxes hit your pocketbook. You'll be paying rent, via a plethora of all-encompassing global taxes, just to live on the face of the earth.

"But," you may be thinking, "if things get really bad there'll be a revolution. We can always fight back and reassert our freedom!" Well, think again, and then forget about it fast, before you become a candidate for future elimination. They've thought of that, too, and here's their recommendation:

"An emphasis on the security of people requires the world to address the culture of violence in everyday life, which is a major source of insecurity today for people everywhere around the globe. The culture of violence - as vivid in daily life, particularly against women and children, as it is on the television screens - infects industrial and developing countries, and rich and poor alike, even if in different ways. Every effort must be made on the local and community level, as well as at the international level, to reverse this trend and sow the seeds of a culture of non-violence.

We strongly endorse community initiatives to protect individual life, to encourage the disarming of civilians, and to foster an atmosphere of security in neighbourhoods."

Nor, particularly in the U.S., if these globalist pundits have their way, will there be any access to easily-concealable small arms even before the total disarming of the world's population is accomplished. They cite, under the heading THE IMPACT OF SMALL ARMS, this extract from John Keegan's A HISTORY OF WARFARE:

"[Those] who have died in war since [9 August 1945] have, for the most part, been killed by cheap, mass-produced weapons, costing little more than the transistor radios and dry-cell batteries which have flooded the world in the same period. Because cheap weapons have disrupted life very little in the advanced world, outside the restricted areas where drug-dealing and political terrorism flourish, the populations of the rich states have been slow to recognize the horror that this pollution has brought in its train. Little by little, though, recognition of the horror is gaining ground."

You can be pretty sure that national police and the U.N.'s own army will not be affected by any "anti-pollution legislation" or U.N. treaties passed to correct this environmental blight, however - just the workers in the new global plantation, who might just take it into their minds someday to engage in random acts of resistance or to rise up en masse. Just, that is, us."

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