Mind Control, NWO, and Satanism

Some urls on occult groups and links to Satan/Lucifer. Satan is REAL. The more you understand about him the better your defenses can become.

When an everyday crime is committed like a bank robbery, the police ask questions such as who benefits, who has the motivation and the capability, and is linked by evidence to the crime. More knowledgeable bank robbers knowing those questions are going to be asked, try to misdirect the police onto other victims with evidence linking the crime to those suspects.
Who do you think benefits from this crime, has the motivation, the capability and is linked by the evidence to the crime?
www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/secret036.html has an article by Branton wherein John Todd was initiated into a deep-level Illuminati lodge. He found the inner core consisted of 13 individuals were the leaders of large wiccan/witchcraft organization as well as the leaders of World Freemasonry. He learned that this inner core were continually fearful that the lower-ranking members of the occult societies were merely using these "lower pawns" to increase their own wealth and their god-like power and authority over the rest of humanity. The Rothschilds of London, he also learned, were at the very heart of this conspiracy, along with the Jesuits in Rome. The Rothschilds were considered to be "human gods" by many occultists and, according to Mr. Todd, were in constant communication with "Lucifer", who they themselves considered to be god. There are also indications, as we will give later in these texts, that they were/are also in contact with the serpent race as well, which would make them an integral part of the "serpent cult". John Todd became a Christian and some believe he was killed to keep his information from coming out.
http://www.maji-12.co.uk/omegaidx.htm Branton has more information on the cults, their links to ET races and the central ruling core being 13 Black Nobility, 13 Wicca Masons and 13 Maltese Jesuits.
John Coleman ex MI5 Conspirators" Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 free download at http://www.skeptictank.org/flist131.htm
believes there are 300 with a core of 39. He lists names and front organizations like the intelligence agencies, Travistock, ADL and shows how they are connected. http://www.greatdreams.com/coleman.html has more information on his newsletter and other books with their planned upcoming war by the end of this summer and which nations are on which side.
http://www.williamcooper.com/   Mr. William Cooper ex intelligence officer in his classic book Behold a Pale Horse believes from his research there is a core of 39 made up of Freemasons, the Vatican, and the Black Nobility. He lists names, organizations and shows how they operate in the past.
There are those that believe that Freemasonry on the lower levels teaches Christianity but at the 33rd level, they ask if you believe in Christ. If the person says "yes", they say that is good. The person leaves but is not initiated any higher. If he does not believe in Christ, then depending on his abilities such as psi, he is initiated into the worship of Lucifer (Satan for the lower outside levels) and given the real past earth's history, information on ET's and the real plans and organization and goals.
www.FreemasonryWatch.com has a quote by St. Albertus Magnus on Freemasonry "It is taught by demons, it teaches about demons, and it leads to the demons".

http://sardonahighpriestess.tripod.com/Satanism/id25.html is a site about illuminati. We stand strong and firm and dedicated to our Lord and Master Lucifer.We belive there is power in blood sacrifice and it is no different than what the christians and Jewish faiths believed.They killed for a god for no reason except to show their loyalty to their god.And there god gave nothing in return.Satan gives power when needed as well as other gifts.Most satanist do not see Satan as a being but as a myth to follow we see him as he is.He`s real and not a myth or a way of worship. BrotherHood Of Darkness

William Guy Carr ex Canadian Naval Intelligence officer wrote another classic book Pawns In the Game. In it he states that he found the illuminati created the Grand Orient Lodge and inserted that into the secret societies at the highest levels to tie the different groups together with the Rothschilds, the elite and the dark forces. He didn't understand how the different groups did not fracture and could be held together over 100's of years and different locations until he found they worshiped Satan at the higher levels. He was working on the book SATAN PRINCE OF THIS WORLD when he was killed back in about 1956 to prevent it's release. One source for that rare book is http://www.google.com/url?sa=U&start=2&q=http://home.inreach.com/dov/cdlbook3.htm&e=422 Sons Of Liberty Books


Roger J. Morneau (A Trip Into the Supernatural ISBN 0-8280-0138-3) was part of a Satanic cult in Montreal back in the 40's before he became a Christian. They worshiped Satan and his spirits like we worship God. Some of the incidents he mentions are a spirit giving a word for word reproduction of Mr. Camilien Houde's (still alive) speech as their were no tape recordings of it available. Another person fed papers into three typewriters while spirits typed legal briefs to aid lawyers to fight and win criminal cases that would have been lost otherwise.

P44 It may interest you to now that we have not been aware of the master's presence in our midst for almost three months, as a result of the fact that the United Nations has been fashioning peace plans. This is requiring the master's undivided attention, a work that he dares not commit to anyone else.

Peace on earth is not in the best interest of his kingdom, so he has the mommoth task of delegating to his legions of spirit agents what they must do to perplex and keep personal feelings running high among humanity's leaders. The problems the spirits raise will have these leaders always searching for solutions so they won't have time to get together.
When Roger Morneau left, a $10,000 (today about $150,000) contract was put on his life. Only through the power of God and Christ he believes is what saved his life several times.
Ellen G. White back in the 1890s was shown various visions on health, prophecies, education and spiritual lessons. From those visions came enough writings that she is the most widely published woman author in the world. http://www.whiteestate.org/ has a searchable index. Her book "The Great Controversy" gives history wherein Satan behind the scenes is the author of people's misery and suffering working through human hands. While authoring that book, a guest on http://www.3abn.org/  mentioned that in an unpublished article/letter, she was shown a vision wherein Satan in consultation with his spirits said one of the best ways to heap more misery and suffering on people was to get them in debt and they needed to implement that more. Once in debt, they would not have time to study and learn about the more important things in life. (That is paraphrased and not exact from the guest).
The Bible says "The servant is the debtor of the lender" (When have you heard a sermon based on that text) and "my people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge". What does it mean in Genesis 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee (serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
I used to believe that the uneducated were the easiest to brainwash. The elite have found that by controlling the ciriculum in schools and colleges, the graduates come out with a definite bias in life. On top of that, by repeating on the mass media from chosen experts, those graduates are almost impossible to convince or even listen about something they believe is not valid. For a simple experiment - ask them if Satan is real versus the man on the street with less education.
Now I believe that the educated are often the hardest to open up to non conventional ideas. So if you don't have much education, you can be thankful that you don't have information that is interfering with your learning what is really important in life and what is really going on.
It is interesting that a lie detector operator for his interest asked his subjects background questions in order to get some baseline measurements. He found that whenever he asked a person if they believed in God, the bodies responses showed it agreed when they said yes but disagreed when they said no.
To enhance the overt conditioning, there is the covert conditioning using subliminals. Knowing some of the subliminals helps you understand what is happening. From Fritz Springmeier http://www.newnetizen.com/globalelite/bloodlines/index.htm

a. "murder your family"

b. "the government is to blame, murder the President"

c. "you can not get legal redress for what has been done to you by the government"

d. "it is hopeless to fight us"

e. "you want to have sex with the opposite sex" f. "you want to deal in drugs"

g. "you want to protect your country by being loyal to the CIA

http://geocities.com/vialls2/subliminal1.html has subliminals during 1991 war with Iraq. Most think that the star of David is Christian but there are older occult meanings to it and how the V for victory relates to that.

http://www.davidicke.net/mindcontrol/subliminal/bronfman/092000.html Bronfmans - Seagram Subliminal Programming shows frame by frame sex, skulls, dogs, orgies, penises etc. embedded into their advertising. Is the Devil picture http://www.artbell.com/letters21.html embedded into one of the WTC towers for increased news sales and to increase people's fascination with upcoming war plans?

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS/message/16708 has an article by an ex Illuminiti mind programmer on Hollywood and its uses for programming the people.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS/message/16709 She believes that TV is perfect mind control device in that the mind goes into a alpha brainwave pattern and a dissociative state wherein the mind accepts information non-critically and is embedded below the conscious level.

http://mindcontrolforum.com/MCF/ckln22.htm Fritz Springmeier helped Ms. Wheeler deprogram from MK Ultra (David Icke http://www.hiddenmysteries.com/redir/index301.html where a CD has 17,000 references for documentation)

Wheeler's dad was number 2 programmer under Mengeli after he came to the US under project paperclip. The book detailing steps in programming using pain, electric currents, drugs, hypnoses, movies etc. can be downloaded free at http://www.newnetizen.com/ebooks.htm Her estimate at that time from records that she saw that 2 million were programmed in the 60's and by today, a conservative estimate would be 10 million. They can have various alter personalities programmed in from drug courier, intelligence agent, normal average Joe, assassination, or saboteurs etc. The trigger can be sounds, lights, words or ads in newspapers.

http://www.davidicke.net/mindcontrol/research/re013100d.html Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips another MK Ultra victim

http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=36&contentid=33 Sullivan claims Kissinger used her and Lewinski (presidential model) for monitoring and turning high level government officials.

From recovered memories, Billy Graham, Ford, Micheal Jackson, Bob Hope, Marilyn Munroe, Kristopherson, Sinatra, Rosanne Bar, Willie Nelson, Barbara Striessland are just a few programmed/programmers among the leaders, entertainers and stars that have been used or are users.

Those that have studied into the white slave trade, believe that the CIA is one of the largest managers of the trade for new victims.

http://www.rumormillnews.com/raven1.htm is Gunther Russbacher #3 man in CIA under William Casey. Each person is programmed up to level #3 to make sure that keep to agencies agenda and to monitor any dissent. Rayelan (a journalist) married him for a short while until the CIA reprogrammed him to forget her and marry someone else. With what she uncovered and further connections, she has an excellent site at www.rumormillnews.com with forums for updates.

http://www.nexusmagazine.com/pegfile1.html Gene Tatum was drug runner and assassin (several foreign high ups) under Bush. When he was told to kill Ross Perot (is that why he dropped out of the presidential race as did Pat Buchanan - were they were warned or else their whole family would be killed), he went underground with documentation in various hands.On the site is also information about the opposition Nicuargian leader that was invited to a party by Bush, drugged, programmed to kill a homosexual & perform a satanic ritual cannibalistic ritual on him. After being shown a taped video of it afterwards, he was no longer the opposition.

They are also experimenting with modulated microwaves in order to send thoughts and emotional states into people's heads. That is one reason for the push on cell towers every few miles when their are other advanced telecommunications that are healthier and less expensive available. It could be also the reason why riots escalate when those signals are used. http://www.trufax.org/menu/patents.html has a list of mind control patents.

http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/n1344.cfm Shows Satanic occult pattern on US map of children school killings with the increase of HAARP signals just before. It appears there are multiple uses of Haarp besides weather control, earthquake impulses, over the ground radar, possible ET defense etc. (Suggest saving to your computer as sites such as illuminati-news.com are being pulled due to threats and server companies being forced to delete).

http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/supr.html Andy Pero is one of the programmed Montauk (time/space ET/Philadelphia continued experiments) boys that went through torture to develop enhanced almost superhuman abilities. His genetics were used by various ET races to enhance their warriors. 

http://www.transactual.com/cac/cachome.html CAC mentions that human grey/reptilian hybrids can be used as their soldiers against the Galactic Federation.

Both human and ET races have been using brain implants to monitor and if the subject is contemplating "wrong" thoughts - to send correct thoughts or pain.  http://www.rumormillnews.net/cgi-bin/config.pl?read=9661 has further information and links on that.

Peter Beter goes into the use of cloning to replace leaders that are not as malleable as the elite want at http://peterbeter.host.sk/ Over 1 /2 of the white house staff resigned back in 1979 when Carter was replaced according to Alex Collier.

http://www.paranormalnews.com/textfiles/ufos/Branton_The_Dulce_Files_Chapter19_Who_Controls_The_Draconian_Collective.txtMr. Courtney M. Brown, Ph.D remote views the control behind the greys.

Major Ed Dames has done remote viewing on Satan and was in transcripts on Art Bell

 http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles/illuminati.html  David Icke's site on Illuminati

 In summary, there is a beast octopus of illuminati bankers behind governments connected to Satan/Lucifer and dark service to self ET's using any and all methods for their control and power. It is possible one or more ET races are here now to stake claim on earth such as Nibiru. The illuminati can not tell the people that they are gearing up for war against those that object to this but they need a cover story if the Galactic Federation decides that if tyranny is not stopped here, it will spread throughout this sector of the galaxy later on.

There are fractions of patriots and enlightened individuals around the world that understand the severity of the problem and the enormity of the task facing them. They need the support and prayers/white light of all those that can help in any way they can as they seek to nullify the debt monetary system and replace it with money printed directly for positive projects. They also need understanding from the people as to what is really going on. We need to support them and the Galactic Confederation in their work whatever means available to us.

By understanding the problem, each person is better able to understand the solution for themselves versus the solution presented by the Elite.