After the introduction here, the main letter follows.
    Arizona Wilder conducted human sacrifice rituals for the Illuminati elite for decades. These included the British Royal Family, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, and a stream of world famous names revealed in "The Biggest Secret" and the video, "Revelations of a Mother Goddess", available through this website (
    Since she escaped from her mind controlled confinement, she has dedicated herself to exposing what is happening. I received this letter from her dated May 25th 1999 in which she details the key points in the Illuminati ritual programme running up to the Millennium.
    I should emphasize a few things for those who have not read "The Biggest Secret." The Illuminati, the clique which control the direction of the world, are genetic hybrids, the result of interbreeding between a reptilian extraterrestrial race and humanity many thousands of years ago. The center of power is not even in this dimension -- it is in the lower fourth dimension, the lower astral as many people call it, the traditional home for the "demons" of folklore and myth. These fourth dimensional reptilian entities work through these hybrid bloodlines because they have a vibrational compatibility with each other. This is why the European royal and aristocratic families have interbred so obsessively, as do the so called Eastern Establishment families of the United States which produce the leaders of America. Every presidential election since and including George Washington in 1789 has been won by the candidate with the most European royal genes. Of the 42 presidents to Bill Clinton, 33 have been genetically related to two people, Alfred the Great, King of England, and Charlemagne, the most famous monarch of what we now call France. It is the same wherever you look in the positions of power..they are the same tribe!
    As well as an obsession with interbreeding with each other to preserve their genetic structure, the Illuminati are also obsessed with symbolism and ritual. Interestingly, conventional science has documented that the reptilian part of the human brain (the R complex as they call it) is the source of the following behavior traits: An obsession with ritual, cold blooded behavior, territorialism "this belongs to me", and an obsession with top down hierarchical structures. This sums up the Illuminati mentality perfectly and it goes that if you have more of that R complex, or that it is activated more than normal, you will manifest these traits far more profoundly.
    But their ritual is not just for ceremonial purposes or gratuitous horror. The rituals are designed to rewire the energy fields and grids of the planet and therefore to fundamentally affect human consciousness. The rituals these bloodlines performed in the ancient world are the same as they do now. See 'The Biggest Secret' for the background. They have a detailed annual calendar of events on which they perform their sacrifice rituals in line with key lunar, solar, and planetary cycles to harness that energy for their sick agenda to take complete control of Planet Earth in the very near future.
    With that background, here is the full text of the communication from Arizona Wilder. I will add my comments in italics where more background may be needed for those new to these subjects.

David Icke


David - This information needs to go out to everyone as fast as possible. The Illuminati are conducting a ritual to be held at the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, on August 11, 12, and 13th, 1999. (Specifically the Mothers of Darkness - the top conductors of rituals, will officiate) This ritual is "The Rite to Open the Passage" (the Eye of Horus). This will open the passage for lower fourth dimensional energy to be directed into the ley lines of the Earth.

This will (is designed to) also close the 3rd eye (consciousness) of all on this planet that oppose the Illuminati. It will further shut down (is designed to) the other people who are not actively aware or opposing the Illuminati but feel uneasy about what is going on and cannot figure out why.

The solar eclipse which is to take place on August 11 (over the key Earth power centre of Cornwall, England) will also have a "Grand Square" which makes it extremely powerful. This eclipse is the beginning of a six month period in which there will be much activity of significance that pinnacles in the The Rite of Establishment of the Age of Horus (Osiris reborn) at the Millennium.

This symbolism relates to the ancient Egyptian legends of Osiris (the father), Horus (the son), and Isis (the virgin mother), which later became the basis for the Jesus stories also. The New World Order, the takeover of the planet via the establishment of a world government, world army (Nato), world central bank and currency, and a micro-chipped population, is known by the Illuminati as "The Age of Horus". The symbolism of the murder of a pregnant Diana, Princess of Wales, with the Egyptian Dodi Fayed, relates to the arrival of "The Age of Horus". (See "The Biggest Secret").

This "Age of Horus" ritual will be held on December 31st from 12am to 3am at the Great Pyramid, at which time the top of the pyramid will be capped with gold and crystal. (George Bush has long been on the guest list of the Millennium "celebrations" at Giza.) Etched in the crystal will be the eye of Horus on all four sides. (This relates to the All Seeing Eye symbol on the dollar bill and the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States). They will finalize this period of six months on January 31st / February Ist and start "preparing the ground for the sowing of their seeds".

Preceding the August 11 through 13 ritual, which by the way ends with the day of Hecate (one of their key deities), the bringer of chaos and death, is the July 28th lunar eclipse. This eclipse is also extremely unusual and powerful in that it also involves a Grand Square and the House of Aquarius goes direct --its effect is at full strength. The Moon on this date is a new moon -- a time to plan and cast spells for the plan.

During the solar eclipse and the next day and on the Day of Hecate (August 13th), there will be blood sacrifices and also literal sodomization of the intended sacrifices beforehand. This will signify opening the Eye of Horus, opening the passage for the lower fourth dimensional energy and the closing, the shutting down of the human 3rd eye -- consciousness on the planet.

They will remove the heart and consume it, signifying the taking away the vibrational chakra of love. They will also remove the liver (strength), the eyes (sight), and brain (knowledge, thought, action). They will consume the blood (life force for them). Their ritual acts all encompass and empower them for what they wish to spiritually do to us. What they do is to be given strength which is brought into actual physical being by the solar eclipse, the lunar eclipse, and the grand squares of their ruling planets with those particular energies accompanying the grand squares. The effect on the Earth if they succeed will be terrible.

Very much a part of this is the planned marriage of Sophie and Prince Edward of the House of Windsor at Windsor Castle on July 19th, 1999. Look at the date and year. The 19th is the number of the Sun. 1 is the beginning (alpha), 9 is the end (omega). The name Sophia = wisdom, which is Baphomet by the (code known as) the Atbash Cipher. Prince Edward has disgraced the House of Windsor. The planet Mercury goes into retrograde on July 13th, which is also a new Moon - a time of planning and spells cast. Getting married in this time period bodes ill for this marriage. They may meet with an unfortunate circumstance, resulting in their death or ritual death. Mercury is considered "the messenger" and does become stationary and fixed in full power at 29 degrees Cancer from August 3rd through the 8th. Also, because it involves the 4th house in astrological law, it affects families in a negative way. The Windsors know this already in the planning and the timing of the marriage.

Yes, their marriage on this date is tied right into the ritual and meaning of the August 11th - 13th solar eclipse and the day of Hecate.

The marriage of Princess Diana to Charles, also in July, was timed and located in the same way as part of Windsor-Illuminati ritual. St. Paul's Cathedral, where the marriage took place, is built on an ancient site of Goddess Diana worship at Ludgate Hill in the heart of the City of London - the Iluminati's epicentre at operational level. Diana also died in Paris on an ancient site of ritual sacrifice to the Goddess Diana, now known as the Pont d'Alma tunnel.

It is also worth noting how much Sophie, Prince Edward's bride, is a Diana look-alike and only in March 1999, one of the most famous television presenters in Britain, Jill Dando, a lady I knew at the BBC, was shot dead near her home in London by, according to reports, a "professional hitman". Jill Dando is another Sophie look-alike with blond hair, and Jill Dando was a friend of Sophie. The Illuminati obsession with ritual leaves me in no doubt that Dando's death was connected to the sequence detailed here by Arizona Wilder.

The Illuminati began to prepare for all this on May Ist, 1999, Beltane. The energy they put forth in readiness for the August eclipse increases with the May 30th full Moon; the June 13th new Moon; the June 21st Summer Solstice; June 28th full Moon; July 13th new Moon; July 19th marriage/ritual of Sophie/Sophia and Prince Edward; July 28th new moon/eclipse with grand junction; August Ist Lughnasad ritual; August 5th height of Mercury stationary in Cancer. All this is to open the way for the dates of the solar eclipse/Day of Hecate, August 11th, 12th, and 13th.

In the Illuminati/Satanic method of "mirror or reverse" symbolism, the day of Hecate, August 13th, is mirrored to August 31s for her day of sacrifice. Diana, Princess of Wales, died on that ancient site of Goddess Diana worship on August 31st - the day of sacrifice to Hecate.


During this eclipse we need to focus on bringing down higher vibrational energies and canceling out their fourth dimensional energy. Those of the Illuminati who are not at the Great Pyramid will be positioned at precise longitudes and latitudes along the leylines to perform rituals of the same kind at specified sites in which phallic/womb symbols have been built.

19 degrees latitude is where important sites will be, also 28 degrees latitude.

Arizona Wilder

So let's do it!


If all this makes sense to you, can you organize all like thinkers you know to arrange their own events on these dates? Particularly the solar eclipse to the Day of Hecate. To bring in higher dimensional energy to defuse this Illuminati agenda! All you have to do is go to a place you feel drawn to at that time and open your heart and mind to the energy we call love.

Particularly love for the lower fourth dimensional entities because this will dilute their energy even more. We don't need mumbo jumbo, just people with open hearts and minds focussed on the intent to be vehicles to ground love in this three-dimensional world. If you have entered this website to read just about the names, dates, people, conspiracy and are not aware of the esoteric level of the manipulation, you may choose to ignore this or dismiss it as New Age nonsense. This, I would suggest, is precisely what the manipulators want you to do because they then have a clear playing field.

And ask yourself. What harm could it do to connect with the energy of love for three days or even a few minutes at the time of the solar eclipse. One thing's for sure, you won't have the chance to go back and do it afterwards when you realize that all this, bizarre as it may seem to you now, is actually the way the world is controlled and the human race maintained in its mental and emotional prison.

Please contact us on the "" e-mail to tell us if you are Doing this. Could you also transmit this e-mail to everyone you know who might act upon its contents.

Thank you.
David Icke
Posted May 27 1999
With permission from David Icke

David, I have a better idea! Forget the New Age "send love" jargon! We need some serious prayers and fasts directed at toppling their plans and ushering in more of The Spirit of God. We need dedicated prayer warriors and intercessors working around the clock seven days a week until the return of our Lord. We need to hit the streets with the love of the Lord in our hearts, warning our fellow man of their evil plans to annihiliate the USA with nuclear weapons, deadly gases and famine. We need dedicated men and women to take their spiritual walks seriously and fear not the works of Lucifer; for our Lord is with us and with Him at our side, we will be victorious over these evil hoards. My Precious Brothers and Sisters, we must pray that our Lord and God look down upon this ugly, sinister mess and bring it to an end, that those, who drink of this innocent blood reap their rewards sooner rather than later. We must cry out to our God unceasingly that He look upon this evil and break it over the heads of the most perverse people on the planet that even now they will begin to reap what they have sown. We see people like Henry Kissinger, who is among the most evil on the planet and walks with pride and arrogance among the poor and destitute. Father, behold the evil of these ceremonies; and pour out your wrath in their very midst. Make every one, who participates in this evil, double over beneath the weight of your wrath and make this begin to happen even before these evil meetings begin.

"My Child, I am your Master Jesus. Yea, My Little One, I know and your Father knows what they have done in secret for years; but they have become careless in latter years and even bolder in their works, as they believe that they have it all sewn up. They believe that they own the world, when in fact they are only pawns for Lucifer; and He will do away with every one when he is finished with them. My Child, I have heard your prayers and I know of the satanic strongholds, wherein they are calling down all manner of darkness and evil on the unsuspecting; and know My Child, that the will of Your Father supercedes any of their evil works. On these sites, My Child, I shall make My presence known and many of their ceremonies shall not go as they plan. In fact, My Child, the very wrath of God is about to befall many of these, who eat and suck of the blood of these innocents. My Child, before next year has ended, you shall see several of these within this millenial celebration take ill and die. When you see several world leaders die in quick succession, know that your prayers have been asked. For, they will receive their just desserts very soon; and all the years of human sacrifice will finally catch up to them. Watch for one very high level leader to succumb in such a way within your own country; but this is not all. My Child, look around the world. See a very high-level Arab leader fall ill suddenly and die. And, see, My Child also one in Canada and another in Europe, then South America and beside these several others. My Child, their works are abominable. The cries of the sacrificed innocents are howling before God and He is angered. So, mark My word in this, My Child, a time of retribution is at hand."

"My Lord, this is disgusting! I even see blood dripping from Boris Yeltsin’s mouth."

"My Child, have you not seen this before?"

"Yes, My Lord, I have seen Clinton and Khruschev drinking their own blood from a goblet."

"Then, My Child, you have seen it. For, as Khruschev was Yeltsin is."

"You mean that they both belonged to this dark organization and participated in these black masses?’

"You have seen it."

"My Lord, this whole thing is so disgusting that I can hardly bare to think of it; and to think that an innocent babe would be sexually tortured and killed in such a way is more than I can take. I feel sick all over!"

"My Child, they may rejoice for a while, but they are not prepared for the rare and fatal diseases, which they will contract for their evil. For, My Child, their evil has come full circle. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."


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