-123,000 BC		Evidence of intelligent life on Mars.
1856-1943			Nikola Tesla, father of modern electronics
1892-1957			William Reich, discoverer of Orgone energy.
1939-1945			World War II.
Early 40's 			First stage of Project Rainbow.
July 20, 1943		First test of the Philadelphia Experiment.
August 6, 1943		Three UFOs sighted over the USS Eldridge.
August 12, 1943		Second test of the Philadelphia Experiment.  
			Duncan Cameron Jr (1) and Edward Cameron are transported to 
			August 12, 1983.  
October 28, 1943		Last test of the Philadelphia Experiment.
Late 40's			Second Stage of Project Rainbow.
--			Phoenix Project, development of the radiosonde.
1947			Duncan Cameron Sr. contacted.
Early 50's			Project Rainbow and the Phoenix Project merge.
1951			Duncan Cameron Jr (2) born
1962			Alleged landing of men on Mars.
1963			Duncan Cameron Jr (1) placed in Duncan Cameron Jr's (2) body.
1967			Phoenix Project complete.
1969			Phoenix Project ordered to disband by Congress.
1971			Formation of Phoenix II (aka the Montauk Project).
1973			Experiments with mood alteration and mind control
1974			Creation of the first Montauk Chair, further experiments with 
			mind control.
1976			Creation of the Montauk Chair Mark II.
1977			Creation of solid objects by thought alone, experiments with 
			"The Seeing Eye", mind control and telekinesis.
1979			Experiments with time travel.
1979-1980			Installation of the Orion Delta T antenna.
1980-1981			Calibration of new equipment and further time travel 
1981-1983			Exploration and manipulation of the time stream.
1982-1983			Exploration of Mars.
August 12, 1983		Last major experiment of the Montauk Project.  A time tunnel is 
			created back to August 12, 1943.  Duncan releases the Beast from 
			the Id.  Preston Nichols shuts down the Montauk transmitter.
Late 1983			Montauk Project disbands.
May/June 1984		'Black Berets' purge Montauk AFB.
Late 1984			Removal of most Montauk Project equipment.  Cement used to 
			seal off underground areas of the base.  Montauk AFB 
2180-2280			Possible time period that 3,000 - 10,000 people were sent to.
6037			Time 'Aryan' children were sent to to view a ruined city  with a 
			golden horse statue.

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