A Personal Quest By Helga Morrow

Helga Morrow's father, Fred A. Kueppers, was a scientist who worked secretly on both the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment. One day, he told Helga that he had only 3 months to live and confided in her that he had not only been on the moon, but inside of it----that he had spoken to and trained real extra-terrestrials who look like us to blend into human society. He had been in spaceships and had traveled in space. For twenty-seven years Helga became a living "storage" of knowledge for her scientific father, and now she is sharing some of this timely information with the world, helping scientific researchers to find answers to puzzling questions about certain events. As a child she repeatedly met Von Neumann at her family dinner table. He was to become the head of both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. Helga is a natural psychic and channel, having had out-of-body experiences and UFO contacts. She is a researcher and teacher. She is available for lectures and private consultations in person and on the telephone. She can be reached at 1-520-690-0043.

As an investigative reporter and journalist it was my great pleasure to be the guest, in Montauk, of world-renown authors Peter Moon and Preston Nichols who wrote authentic books about the Montauk Project: The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time, Montauk Revisited, and Pyramids of Montauk Explorations in Consciousness. Their works have been highly acclaimed by leading scientific researchers and their popularity has spread like wildfire across the USA.

In January, 1993, my dear friend, the noted scientist Al Bielek, and I flew to Montauk, Long Island, New York, to meet Peter Moon, Preston Nichols who worked at Montauk, and Al Bielek's half-brother Duncan Cameron, veteran and great psychic who has the most extraordinary capabilities of mind control that I know.

What do we all have in common? We are all connected to the Montauk Project in some way. Preston worked there in the laboratories in the radar building during the early 1960's. Duncan was the resident psychic. His most extraordinary abilities not only manifested three-dimensional solid buildings, as well as ordinary coffee tables, but also transported them to designated locations. One of his primary claims to fame was the 25-foot "Montauk Monster" (written about the books previously mentioned), that couldn't be stopped. Al Bielek, physicist and co-author (along with well-known Brad Steiger) of The Philadelphia Experiment and Other UFO Conspiracies was involved in "Project Rainbow." At Montauk, Al Bielek's job was to interface the Cray 1 computer with the IBM 360. He was converting what the Cray 1 was emitting so that it would synchronize with what the pulse modulation computer wanted. Al and his team combined both machines and programmed them to work in tandem to the point where these machines could tell what a person was thinking! They would then re-encode that thought form mechanically into the machine so the human thought form could be tapped into solely through the computer. The computer could then be used at the will of the military or whoever was in charge without further human input by the single press of a button.

Eventually, a machine can be programmed to create its own thought. However, as with any creation such as this, keep in mind that if the creator or scientist can no longer control his machine and the machine becomes a runaway locomotive, so to speak, the machine will either destroy itself (if no one programmed it to have limits) or it will have to be destroyed by others by force.

Al, Preston, Duncan and I went down into the bowels of the Montauk research base, deep underground. We filmed, documented and brought back irrefutable evidence of the reality of this project such as no one has ever before had the courage to do, laying our lives on the line to do it. I am not at liberty to tell how we got there. The point is that Al, Preston, Duncan and I succeeded where no one else has! It was dangerous! We were armed only with a still camera, a video camera, two lanterns and a couple of flashlights. The silence was deafening. The smell was extremely strange. The grim evidence (which we have since made available worldwide) will always remind me that truth is stranger than fiction. We saw the frightening reminder of bygone years, when the time experiments and the thought control experiments were taking place. The use os psychic males as human guinea pigs was evident in the succession of chambers of horrors that we documented. My heart and prayers go out to all the unsung heros who were caught up in these terrible experiments.

Montauk, Long Island, in New York State, is officially listed as a fishing village with magnificent ocean views, surfing, horseback riding, gold, tennis, and salt-water fishing. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful parks and historic sights greet one upon entering this relatively quiet little town which contains some of the best seafood restaurants and quaint nautical gift shops I've ever seen.

The military base is built to look like a real, live town. There is even a neighborhood atmosphere about the place. The base contains concrete buildings that could easily pass for regular family dwellings. From the air, this would appear to be a normal little fishing village. The real estate agents here boast of a shuttle that zips around Montauk, as well as East Hampton and South Hampton. Many well-known writers frequent the "Downtown Eatery & Ice Cream Club" for breakfast.

But there is more here than first meets the eye. This unassuming little town has an abandoned military base with official Air Force signs warning people to "KEEP OUT." This base was officially recognized and was utilized as part of the Eastern Shield radar defense system in the '50's and '60's. It was also the site where horrors took place equal to concentration camps in WWII. Known as Fort Hero (yes, there were many unsung heroes there), this three-tiered underground site was built prior to World War II. A fourth level is believed to have been flooded to deter intruders. Oddly enough, recent evidence is pointing to fifth and sixth levels that may be active today. With my three scientific friends, I descended into the bowels of the Montauk base. The I saw the new wiring! I have video-taped everything I saw, so there can be no denial of the documented evidence.

According to my experts, much secret work on time travel and preparation for the Philadelphia Experiment took place here. Preston, Duncan, Al and I went into, explored and filmed all the strategic places underground. We risked a lot to share this story. Arrests have been made of others foolish to go out and do the same, but I knew my angels were with me, protecting and guiding me. I heard them speaking to me throughout the time I was there. I am, to my knowledge, the only documented female to go into the underground base and live to tell about my Montauk experience. My psychic abilities made me especially aware of the unusual and eerie circumstances there.

No life, no bird, no squirrel, no bug was in view once we entered the perimeters of the base.

Occasionally, a black helicopter flew over us, but we were not bothered. I know if we had been spotted there would have been definite repercussions.

We wandered around all over the underground area, but the most profound experience was when we reached the area where the young men were used in the sexual-psychic experiments and were kept in cages. I could feel (intuitively) their anguish, their confusion. It was so painful I burst into tears, just before Duncan broke down hysterically crying at what he had to endure in this horrible underground setting.

As a psychic and a minister, to relive this experience with Duncan was devastating. As I write this, tears well in my eyes and my hands begin to shake. These young boys, including Duncan, were used and cast aside as useless merchandise.

According to Duncan, the boys were tortured, raped and sodomized into total sexual submission. This was done to gain the sexual highs, the control, by sexual stimulation. This madness speeded up the psychic process. Sexual submissiveness is nothing new. It is the primary kundalini force that made these experiments (at Montauk) work.

By using 425 to 450 MHZ radio frequency power, the human mind can be controlled. By changing the pulse, they could make people laugh, cry, show anger, be afraid, whatever they wanted people to perform. As recently as the Vietnam War my sources tell me that various frequencies were hurled at the Viet Cong, frequencies so strong they shattered people's ear drums, which burst in their heads, killing them.

When they hooked up the Cray 1 And IBM computers to the subject, Duncan, in this case, he was capable of creating the "Montauk Monster" from his own mind! This was a reality. The beast he created broke up a building as if it were a plastic erector set, and the incident was filmed on camera for proof. The 25-foot tall beast developed a mind of its own and kept destroying everything in its path. The scientists panicked and began unplugging the machines with the hope of stopping the monster. No such luck. It continued its mayhem Preseton remembers torching the equipment and some of the scientists took axes to the machinery. We photographed the torch marks and other devastation of the equipment.

My strong impulse for going to Montauk was based on having learned that my father, Dr. Fred A. Kueppers, had worked there as a scientist during WWII. My family and I had been told that he had passed on in 1962. I spent the next 30 years in pursuit of the truthl. Preston Nichols knew my father and remembered him with great affection. He said that some details of my father's work were key in the Montauk time experiments.

Lengthy questions about my father were answered by Preston, including the fact that he had worked on the time experiments but not on any of the horrifying ones. Preston informed me that my father was quite a humanitarian, a scholar, a scientist and a man well-liked by his co-workers. I have photographs that corroborate earlier stories and confirm Preston's as well.

Preston is an erudite, jolly individual and is Duncan's best friend. He is a teacher, scientist and inventor and is a pleasure to talk with. He and Duncan are business partners in Space-Time Labs, a manufacturer of psychoactive electronic equipment.

These days computers andmodern technology have been extremely miniaturized. The technoilogy for sending an animal, person or thing into another time can fit into an ordinary briefdcase today. The technique is less dangerous and, most important, the return trip (from time travel) isnot painful, as was the case sometimes previously. Sometimes one would return in the "mirror image" of oneself!

When Al Bielek was sent forward into time to 6737 A.D. this precedure took roughly twenty minutes. The young recruits, Al and others, who were sent, were to report what they experienced. There was a golden horse with mysterious inscriptions on it and it was surrounded by buildings on a large plaza that had been destroyed. Everything was lifeless. These men were specifically trained to stay inside of a twenty foot circle or they were told they would not return, not because they didn't want to, but because they couldn't.

When Duncan sat in the "Montauk Chair" he alone created this opening in time. As long as he kept his concentration and remained in conjunction with the computer's monitor, the opening of the door in time, a donut-shaped tube called a wormhole floated in hyperspace and remained open. The distinct ridges in the wormhole were notches in time. One could step back and forth in time at will as long as Duncan did not lose his focus. Duncan was one of the victims but he is a survivor who somehow could not be destroyed. He is still struggling to cling to reality. His programming has allowed his boyish featuress to mask his innermost pain and heartache. Sometimes he is in another reality, and his mood swings, and he is almost mechanical with android mannerisms.

When Duncan thinks about what he was subjected to and forced to perform for so-called scientists, he goes to pieces, crying profusely, repeating between heavy sobs, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." It was he who was later forced to get other young men like himself to go though this nightmare also.

In the Montauk underground Al, Preston and I held Duncan in our arms to comfort him in this dark place of grim remembrances. Duncan's brain had been shot full of electricity during sexual tortures to maintain the time travel opening. Sometimes the time travelers were lost in space, never to return. He was remembering that.

Eventually, all this was corrected with computers emulating the time continuum. With machines replacing the humans, the humans were cleared out. They were considered expendable. Duncan and a select few were kept. Science may have won something here, but who cares? The human suffering and sacrifice can never be replaced.

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